2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 6-10 .375
Season Total: 126-130 .492

Wild Card Round


Colts 41 Chiefs 24

Many questions surround the Colts as their playoffs start. The biggest of course centers around their much maligned much run over run defense, which gives about as much resistance as the tape across the finishing line at a marathon. However it was philosophized that the best defense is a good offense. That is going to have to be the credo for the Colts otherwise it will another year of one and done, and another off-season of criticism towards Peyton Manning. Fortunately for them the Chiefs pass defense is not much better, and Manning’s big day will help the Colts slow down Larry Johnson, as the lead expands the Chiefs forced to pass will stop handing off and that is when the Colts will pull away.


Patriots 34 Jets 10

Quick name the last team to beat the Patriots twice in a season including the playoffs. It’s been a while and the Jets doing it, is just hard to imagine. Patriots Coach Bill Bellichick despite a wardrobe from the Salvation Army Reject Department has a great deal of pride, and nothing hurt his pride more then losing to Eric Mangini and the Jets at home in November. So hurt was Bellichick’s pride he actually change the playing surface in Foxboro to field turf. No way no how does that happen again, there is a saying about teachers and students, that they never teach them everything they know, and on Sunday the lessons will start early as the Patriots get the lead early and never look back, as the Patriots even go out of the way to humiliate Mangini and the Jets.


Seahawks 24 Cowboys 13

Tony Romo is not a rookie, but after three years on the bench he may as well be as he plays in his first playoff game. Had this game been in Dallas maybe things would be different, but with the game in Seattle home of the 12th man it will be much harder then any game he has played yet. Meanwhile the Cowboys defense has been terrible lately allowing 39 points to the lowly Lions. The Seahawks have not played well lately themselves but home for the playoffs is often the best medicine. Look for the game to be close until the 4th Quarter when T.O. will drop a crucial pass as the Seahawks get the ball and pull away. Following the game T.O. will point fingers at everyone, and proclaim himself the game’s MVP.


Giants 27 Eagles 24

When Donovan McNabb went down there was a collective groan in Philadelphia as the season seemed lost. However, back up Jeff Garcia played well and led the Eagles to five straight wins and a division title. On Wednesday there was collective gulp in Philadelphia as many Eagles fans open their mailbox and saw Garcia on this Week’s Sports Illustrated. The Giants are bad don’t deserve to be in the playoffs and at 8-8 will have a losing season with a loss, and that’s exactly why they will win, the NFC has been screwy all year, and why should the playoffs be any different. Look for a big game from Tiki Barber who has always tortured the Eagles, as Giants fans go home happy up the Jersey Turnpike, while it’s Philadelphia mopes around for the next nine months.