2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 6-8 .429
Season Total: 72-72 .500

Week 11


Buccaneers 24 Falcons 10

Ship ahoy the Buccaneers can have smooth sailing ahead of them if they win the games they are supposed to win, like this week against the lowly Falcons, who though on a two game winnings streak are truly dog bit, err snake bit, either way they will be walking the plank against the Bucs.


Ravens 24 Browns 17

There has to be some pride for Ray Lewis, and the rest of the Ravens, last week they were humiliated by the Bengals at home, and this week they face the Browns with their season on the line. They can’t really be swept by the Browns too can they? It just don’t sound right and it just won’t happen.


Bengals 24 Cardinals 20

Last week the Bengals for the first time all season looked interested on the defensive side of the football, while it was helped by an anemic Ravens offense, the Cardinals are not much better. Look for them to get their second win in a row, as they keep their faint playoff hopes alive.


Lions 34 Giants 20

The Giants are 6-3, the Lions are 6-3; the winner will be in the driver’s seat for a Wild Card spot. In the Giants three losses they were beaten by teams with good passing games that can get the ball down the field. The Lions have a good passing attack that can get the ball down the field, plus they are 4-0 at Ford Field.


Packers 27 Panthers 10

It’s funny how the players around you can make you look younger, as the secret to Brett Favre’s rejuvenation is actually the Packers defense which has been one of the best all season in the NFL. Look for Favre to continue to look good as he faces a QB that made his NFL debut when Favre was a freshman at Southern Miss.


Texans 27 Saints 24

What Saints team will show up this week the one that lost the first four games, or the one that won its next four games, or the one or laid an absolute egg last week against the Lambs? I’m guessing it’s the one from last week, as inconsistency equals losses when NFC teams come into face teams from the AFC.


Colts 30 Chiefs 17

The Colts may be banged up on both sides of the ball, losing Dwight Freeny for the season. However, Peyton Manning is still healthy and the Colts should have won last week in San Diego despite their star QB throwing 6 interceptions. Look for the Colts to rebound and pound the Chiefs at home.


Jaguars 21 Chargers 17

The Chargers like to sleep in late, wake them up a little early and they are groggy and get abused for 296 yards by Adrian Peterson. This week in Jacksonville the alarm clock will be ringing at 10 AM PST for kick off much too early for the team from Cali who will get run over by the Jags 1-2 punch of Taylor and Jones-Drew.


Vikings 13 Raiders 10

Oh boy this one is going to be fun, the Raiders of the Lost Cause against the Minnesota Vikings, who will be playing without Adrian Peterson. It’s a winnable game for change for the Silver and Black, but when a team is as bad as they are its just more black and blue as the team in Purple wins a yawner.


Eagles 27 Dolphins 10

Well a quarterback change is being made in Miami, after stinking up the joint Cleo Lemon is finally being squeezed out as the Dolphins take a look at John Beck. Can John Beck step on to the field and look like Dan Marino, not a chance the Dolphins drafted him that means he stinks, look for the Dolphins to hit 0-10.


Steelers 24 Jets 0

Just End The Season, at 1-8 the Jets are making their fans green, green with envy of teams with more then one win, green with the queasy way they are playing, and green because they are angry and you don’t like them when they are angry. Any way they have as much chance beating the Steelers this week, as Paris Hilton being declared a genius.


Cowboys 34 Redskins 13

The Dallas Cowboys America’s team the best team in the NFC facing the Washington Redskins, Thanksgiving is coming early in Dallas as the Cowboys will be carving up the Redskins all night and all day as they improve to 9-1 heading into a rare bye week on Thanksgiving against the Jets.


Rams 27 49ers 14

The Rams finally broke through last week and won a game crushing the Saints in New Orleans, while the 49ers laid a massive egg, as QB Alex Smith continued to look horrible. This week it will be Trent Dilfer, and it won’t get much better as the Rams get win number two while the 49ers continue to struggle.


Seahawks 27 Bears 17

The Seahawks looked for the first time all season like a NFC contender, while the Bears continue to struggle, needing a 4th Quarter rally to beat the lowly Raiders. The Bears bounced Seattle from the playoffs last year, but are shell of that that team this year, look for the Seahawks to get some satisfaction by putting the Bears on the brink.


Patriots 41 Bills 10

The Patriots are coming off a bye week, that means they had a week to legal watch the Bills sidelines, and try to decipher their play calls, and with them almost losing to the hideously inept Dolphins, they had to be licking their chops, and knowing the road to 10-0 is a smooth one.


Titans 20 Broncos 17

Last week the Broncos got a strong road win in Kansas City, while the Titans struggled with a home loss to the Jaguars. One of the biggest let downs this year has been the Broncos play in Denver, look for them to struggle again at home, as Vince Young wins the game late with a big play in the 4th Quarter.