2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-8 .500
Season Total: 90-86 .511

Week 13


Cowboys 24 Packers 20

The NFC Game of the year and it’s on the NFL Network, a channel only select few receive. For shame for those who can’t see the game, because this one promises to be as good as expected as the Packers and Cowboys are clearly heads and tails above anyone else in the NFC. Look for it to be close through out as the Cowboys win with the home field edge.


Panthers 20 49ers 10

Two teams heading in the wrong direction with disappointing seasons meet in a game with little more then pride on the line. Look for the Panthers to get a slight bounce with the home crowd as they keep their faint playoff hopes alive by shutting down the 49ers anemic offense.


Colts 20 Jaguars 17

The Jaguars have a knack of beating the Colts, and while they lost their first match up in Jacksonville, they have won in Indianapolis, and have kept games close. Look for this one to be a close one, but in the end Peyton Manning will lead the Colts to a game winning score.


Chargers 31 Chiefs 13

Since the Chiefs stunned the Chargers in San Diego both teams have gone in opposite directions, as the Chargers have overcome a slow start to regain first place, while the Chiefs offense has sputtered, with a change in Quarterback and injuries to the running game the Chiefs are likely to be sitting ducks in the rematch.


Dolphins 24 Jets 17

In 1980 the Saints finished 1-15 their one win came against the New York Jets, in 1991 the Colts went 1-15, and their one win came against, you guessed it the New York Jets. The Dolphins are 0-11, and playing better in the last few weeks, it’s time to get their first win against the New York Jets.


Vikings 27 Lions 21

After a 6-2 start the Lions are playing like the Lions, as the once attainable 10-win goal set by QB Jon Kitna now seems to be just a mirage, as was the Lions playoff hopes. Look for the ship to continue to sink as the Vikings get back Adrian Peterson and get back to .500.


Seahawks 24 Eagles 21

Last week the Eagles gave the Patriots all they could handle with back up QB A.J. Feely, now they face another first place team in the Seahawks. Look for the Seahawks to get a boost from the return of Shaun Alexander, as they win another close game on the road.


Rams 24 Falcons 17

After a 0-8 start the Rams have turned the corner, winning two in a row they had an excellent shot to stun the first place Seahawks last week before a late fumble on the goal line. Look for the favored Rams to continue to play well as they beat the last place Falcons at home.


Titans 24 Texans 20

When they met in Houston, the Titans needed a last minute field goal to win after blowing a big lead in the fourth quarter. Now they meet again in Nashville and the Titans on a three game losing streak desperately need to get a win. Look for a solid game from Vince Young, as they get back on track with another close win over the Texans.


Redskins 20 Bills 17

How do you move on if you are the Redskins? The death of Sean Taylor has shocked everyone in the NFL, but it certainly leaves a void in the Redskins locker room, as his teammates battle grief as they prepare to face the Bills. Look for them to find a way to win the game, as getting on the field Sunday will be the best escape possible.


Cardinals 24 Browns 20

The Browns have been one of the best stories in the NFL, as they would make the playoffs if the season ended today. Look for the Browns to have a let down in the desert, as the Cardinals rebound off their overtime loss against the 49ers to keep their own surprise playoff hopes alive.


Broncos 27 Raiders 17

After losing a 14-point lead in the 4th Quarter, the Broncos desperately need a win against the Raiders. Look for them to put forth a solid 60-minute effort, as the Raiders begin to look towards the future by putting number one draft pick JaMarcus Russell in the game.


Bears 20 Giants 13

The weather has turned colder, the leaves have shaken off the trees, snow is in the air, Thanksgiving diner has been digested, the tree is lit, and shoppers and clicking on the internet and running all over the stores, while the Giants and QB Eli Manning are playing terrible football, yes Christmas Time is truly here.


Saints 24 Buccaneers 20

With a win the Buccaneers can all but clinch the NFC South. However, in a year of parody in the NFC South it won’t be that simple. Look for the feast or famine Saints to get back to .500 again, as they keep their hopes of the playoffs alive by beating the Bucs at home.


Steelers 24 Bengals 10

The Steelers played in the muck and mire last week and emerged a 3-0 winner over the pathetic Dolphins. Look for Heinz Field to be in better shape as the Steelers offense gets back on track against the porous Bengals defense. Meanwhile the Steelers defense will have a field day shutting down the rival Bengals.


Patriots 35 Ravens 17

Much last week the Patriots are greater then 20 point favorites, and this time they are a road favorite. Spreads like this do not belong in the NFL, and while they should win easily its too large of margin to give them as a late Touchdown, can give the Ravens a backdoor cover easily.