2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 4-10 .286
Season Total: 32-30 .533



Texans 27 Dolphins 13

The Dolphins offense is bad, their defense is bad, other then that everything is swell in Miami as the management team of Howard, Fine and Howard have turn the once proud Dolphins into the Chickens of the Sea, smartest mammal of the sea? I think not it’s another Fish Fry as the Dolphins fall to 0-5.


Jaguars 17 Chiefs 13

After looking as bad as just about any team in the league in their first two games the Chiefs can actually be 3-2 if they win this game. I just can’t picture this team being 3-2; Herm Edwards is a good coach, but not that good. Look for the Jags tough defense to force Damon Huard into mistakes all day as they get the road win.


Patriots 38 Browns 10

Oh yea the Browns have a chance this in this one, so does a nail in its battle against the hammer, so does the deer in the headlights, so does the Coyote against the Road Runner, look for it to be over fast as the Patriots win by more then 20 again.


Saints 24 Panther 13

Week 5 is not an important week for most teams, as they either have a few wins or not much was expected in the first place. For the Saints this game is critical they had Super Bowl aspirations and a loss means 0-4 and a season down the drain. Look for them to get back on track as Reggie Bush carries the day in their first win of the year.


Jets 24 Giants 20

Sure they meet every year in the preseason, but that is meaningless it is always special when the Giants face the Jets in the regular season. If only they could find away to add more intrigue say the winning team gets naming rights for the new stadium then you would have a real war, as for this battle of New York look for the Jets who need it more to get the win.


Steelers 21 Seahawks 10

In a rematch of Super Bowl XL, look for the same result as the Steelers look to have regained their Super Bowl form, despite last weeks loss. Although the Seahawks look good in their own right, having this game in the Steel City makes it nearly impossible for the Seahawks.


Cardinals 24 Rams 13

Stephen Jackson is hurt, Marc Bulger has been benched and Ram fans want Scott Linehan canned. Things could not get much worse for the 0-4 Rams. Hmmm well maybe they can after they are beaten at home by the Cardinals. Look for a strong game from Edgerrin James as the Cards win easily.


Titans 27 Falcons 10

Last week the Falcons showed that indeed every dog has his day as they got off the snide with a win over the Texans. This week on the road, they won’t be as fortunate as they rested Titans should come out smoking and win going away.


Redskins 24 Lions 20

The Lions have not been too good the last 50 years or so, but even in their glory days in the 50’s they did not win in Washington. They didn’t win in the 30’s, 40’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or in the 00’s. In fact 20 times the Lions went to Washington and 20 times they lost. Streaks like that are amazing and very hard to bet against.


Colts 31 Buccaneers 17

Bravo to the job done so far by Buccaneers Coach Jon Gruden, through the first four games the Bucs are in first with a 3-1 record, a year after a disastrous 4-12 season. That being said they don’t have a chance this week facing the defending champion Colts with former Coach Tony Dungy on the road, especially without Cadillac Williams.


Broncos 27 Chagers 10

It takes a special kind of awful to make fans chant for Marty Schottenheimer, but Coach Norv Turner has done that as he has turned a Charger team that looked like World Beaters at 14-2 last year to a team that will be counting the days to draft day as their season quickly slips through their fingers. Look for the Broncos to take extra pleasure in this home win.


Ravens 20 49ers 6

This game would have been tough for the 49ers to win if they had a healthy Alex Smith. However, with their young starting QB sidelined with a shoulder injury taking the field with Trent Dilfer does not look to promising for the team by the bay, as Dilfer’s best days are long behind him, while the Ravens defense is angry and looking to make someone pay.


Packers 24 Bears 10

This just in Brian Griese um he sucks too, and the Bears QB situation is bleak and so is the running game, looks like that decision to save money and not retain Thomas Jones, not too good. Meanwhile in Green Bay, Brett Favre has found the fountain of youth, the Packer defense is looking strong and the Packers are riding high.


Cowboys 31 Bills 13

That smile on Jerry Jones face is not because of botox this time around, as the Cowboys are a Super Bowl team and he knows it. Tony Romo is for real and in the sorry NFC the road to Arizona is clear. In Buffalo they are just happy not to be 0-4 as back up QB Trent Edwards led them to a win over the Jets last week. Too bad they can’t play the Jets every week.