2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 4-9 .308
Season Total: 57-59 .491



Falcons 20 49ers 17

Two teams having bad seasons, as Quarterback issues have put both teams behind the 8-ball. The 49ers are a bigger disappointment as they should have been challenging for a playoff spot while the Falcons season went to the Dogs when Vick plead guilty for using those dogs to fight. Look for the Falcons to sneak out a home win as the 49ers offense continues to scuffle.


Bengals 24 Bills 20

The Bills have played better then their 3-4 record suggests, while the Bengals 2-5 record is well earned for a team that lacks leadership. This week though look for things to be different as the Bengals sneak into Buffalo and shuffle out with a win, as Rudi Johnson returns and has a big game.


Lions 38 Broncos 24

The Broncos are on the ropes at 3-4 coming off a heartbreaking Monday Night loss, even the three wins the Broncos have were last second deals, meaning a play here and a play there and its 0-7. Here come the Lions who at 5-2 have playoff aspirations, and a big play offense that could slice up the Broncos just like the Packers did Monday.


Chiefs 24 Packers 20

A rematch of Super Bowl I, 40 years later brings the surprise 5-1 Packers to Arrowhead against a Chiefs team who at 4-3 are getting the most out of what they have. All things tell you the Packers are better, but no team is better stealing home wins then the Chiefs who do it again. They just know how to play to win the game.


Chargers 37 Vikings 13

After a sluggish start the Chargers are rolling, coming off a blow out win over the Texans, LaDainian Tomlinson is playing well and the Chargers defense is scoring touchdowns. Look for them to stay red hot as they go into Minnesota and win easily, against a team without a QB.


Saints 20 Jaguars 10

Here come the Saints, after a 0-4 start, the team that was the darlings of the NFL at the start of the season, given up for dead after a month, will be 4-4 with a win over the banged up Jaguars. Not that the Jags are pushovers, as their defense is good enough to steal games by themselves, but the Saints are now on a roll and Quinn Gray won’t stop it.


Jets 24 Redskins 13

The Jets are due, and at home with Kellen Clemens replacing Chad Pennington they will get their second win of the year, as they face a Redskins team that was embarrassed last week by the Patriots. Look for a solid passing game from Clemens and a strong game from RB Thomas Jones who will have running room for the first time all season.


Buccaneers 24 Cardinals 20

Just a few weeks ago the Buccaneers appeared to be in full control of the NFC South, now they are one loss away from falling below .500. The problems started when RB Cadillac Williams went, and though still weak in the running game, they should be able to squeeze out a win against the Cardinals.


Titans 13 Panthers 6

If you love defensive football this game could be for you, as both teams feature strong attacking defenses, with struggling offenses. Look for the Titans to have the edge as QB Vince Young is considerably better then David Carr who no matter who will have a long game in Nashville.


Seahawks 31 Browns 24

Bravo to the Browns, who at 4-3 may be the biggest surprise in the NFL. However, a closer examination shows that two wins against winless teams and another against the 2-5 Bengals shows that against a solid team the Browns are in trouble. The Seahawks are a solid team, and into Cleveland they will fly up and down the field winning a shoot out.


Colts 34 Patriots 30

Lost in the Patriots great start; is that the Colts are the defending Super Bowl Champions. You remember the Colts don’t ya; the team that beat the Pats twice last year including the AFC Championship. The team with Peyton Manning and a solid defense led by Bob Sanders who is having a monster year, the type of year that will final put a halt the Pats undefeated run.


Raiders 20 Texans 10

The Texans were off to a good start before they hit rough waters, getting crushed by the Jaguars and losing a heartbreaker to the Titans, now without Matt Schaub the Texans must turn to Sage Rosenfelds at Quarterback as they go to the West Coast for the second week in a row. All this spells one thing a win for the Silver and Black.


Cowboys 24 Eagles 21

Before fading out into oblivion the Eagles have one more chance to save their season, by beating the Cowboys on Sunday Night. A task they may in fact be up to with the Cowboys coming off a bye week. However, close and winning are two different things as the Cowboys rally much like they did in Buffalo, as Tony Romo’s star continues to grow.


Steelers 24 Ravens 13

That noise you heard was the Ravens window of opportunity slamming shut. Ray Lewis is looking older and missing a step, and QB Steve McNair looks ready to be put out to pasture. Lately its been Kyle Boller seeing more playing time any way, as they get set to face the Steelers, can you Its Curtains for certain for Baltimore?: