2007 4-Caster Frank’s NFL Picks

Last Week: 0-2 .000
Grand Total: 146-121 .547
Regular Season Total: 139-117 .543


Patriots 46 Giants 10

Sigh, any chance the Giants had of winning went up in smoke when Plaxico Burress opened his trap. Shut UP. The Patriots play better when their opponents talk, and nobody seems to understand that, just ask Anthony Smith of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He guaranteed a win in Week 13, and got picked apart all day and ended up earning the nickname toast because of it. Shut UP. I don’t get how some one can be so blind and so stupid to just open his mouth and stick foot in, its almost like the outcome was written before the season even began, and people chatting is just to help ratings as the big frauds from Foxboro end the season unbeaten, and that is what really sucks.

The 72 Dolphins did it with class; the Pats would not know class if it came up and bit them on the ass. Their coach looks is an egotistical genius who might in fact be Satan, because everyone who plays for him is cast under his spell. He gets malcontents like Randy Moss to act like a team player, too bad he can’t carry the idea of being a good citizen off the field, too bad Roger Goodell could not suspend him for the Super Bowl. And that hoodey that Bill Belichick wears oh how I would love to rip it off his body, that ratty look thing was rejected by the Salvation Army; there are better dressed homeless people. Any way I digress go Giants hope I’m wrong never hoped I was more wrong then this but Pats win easy and Tom Brady wins another Super Bowl MVP, maybe there will be some good commercials.

The 72 Dolphins however will always be the first and the best team ever, I don’t care what any body says Defense wins championships, at least when football was real before Quarterbacks were treated like fine china, and when tackling was allowed and fumbles were fumbles and not a tuck play. Give me Larry Csonka any day as the true super star and in the Dolphins day they played real football, you can hit you can tackle and it was a man’s game. I guess that’s why the Patriots went unbeaten because they have speedsters who can’t be touched and they take full advantage. It truly is a sad day, maybe one day the NFL will se the wisdom of its way and bring us back the hard nosed defensive football of the past.