2008 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 10-6 .625
Last Week Spread: 9-7 .562
Total No Spread: 99-62-1 .614
Total Spread: 85-77 .525



Titans 30 Lions 10

After losing their first game of the season, the Titans get a chance to rebound quickly with a game on Thanksgiving, and it’s against the punching bag known as the Detroit Lions. Maybe one day, the fans of America suffering will end and the NFL will remove the pathetic Lions from Turkey Day and put a good team on.


Cowboys 45 Seahawks 17

On Thanksgiving we all pause to give thanks, for Seattle sports fans, they just are thankful 2008 is almost over. The Supersonics left for Oklahoma City, the Mariners lost 101 games, the Huskies did not win any games, and the Seahawks have crashed and burned at 2-9. Don’t expect things to get better against the Cowboys who will win going away.


Cardinals 27 Eagles 17

So far this year no Western Time Zone teams have won on the East Coast. Of course the Cardinals are in technically in the Mountain Time Zone, and most of those losses are made on Sunday game when the kick off time is 1PM. This is in prime time and the Eagles are prime for the pickings’ with midnight approaching for the Eagles career of Donovan McNabb.


Bills 31 49ers 13

This is the game that is the prime example of how bad the West has been all year, and with afore mentioned 1PM start it will just be the latest in the long line of losses. The Bills seemed to get back on track last week with a blow out win in Kansas City, and that won’t change this week as they rip apart the 49ers.


Ravens 17 Bengals 13

Oh if Carson Palmer was healthy, maybe the Bengals would have a chance, but as so much in Cincy if and buts and candy and nuts. They should throw a scare in the Ravens, but in the end Ryan Fitzpatrick can not score enough to get the Bengals a win against a contender, and the Ravens are right in the thick of the race in the AFC.


Colts 38 Browns 20

The Colts have won four straight and suddenly appear to be galloping back to the playoffs. In Cleveland the Browns have fizzled, as even the chance to try out Brady Quinn has not worked out. Coach Romeo Crennel is now on borrowed time, and the General Manager might follow him out the door, as the Browns have been one of the league’s biggest disappointments.


Packers 24 Panthers 20

After being shellacked by the Saints Monday Night, the Packers need a bounce back at home in a big way. The Panthers are a tough team and could give them problems, but not the way QB Jake Delhomme has played the last few weeks. Look for the game to be close through out, but in the end at Lambeau Field the Packers will find a way to win.


Dolphins 34 Rams 13

Last week the Dolphins had their pride hurt by the Patriots at home, as their rivals rolled up the score in the typical class way Bill Belichick does. Fortunately for them they get a chance to rebound right away against a team that has no pride. The Rams have been slaughtered the last three weeks, and don’t even look like they are trying any more.


Saints 20 Buccaneers 17

The Saints appear to be finally hitting their stride, as Drew Brees is making a run at Dan Marino’s record for passing yards in a single season. A win here and the Saints are serious contenders for the NFC South; a loss on the other hand may finish them. The Bucs on the other hand are not playing as good as their record suggests. If they spot the Saints 17 points like they did the Lions they won’t be able to come back this week.


Giants 28 Redskins 24

The Giants are a machine; they have turned away every challenge at every corner. In Pittsburgh they won by defense, in Philadelphia they won by offense. Against Baltimore they used their running game, against Arizona it was the passing game that won the day. The Redskins are good, and will be playing with emotion this week, as Sean Taylor goes in the ring of honor, but the Giants will find a way to win once again.


Chargers 31 Falcons 24

The Chargers have been a Greek Tragedy from the start this season, as their top pass rusher was lost to a knee injury as the Chargers lost on the final play to the Panthers. Then it was the Ed Hochuli game as they have lost four games in the last 24 seconds. One more loss can finish them, but it won’t come this week, as the young Falcons come in and show just why they still have allot to learn.


Steelers 27 Patriots 10

Matt Cassel has racked up 400 passing yards in each of the last two games, but there is a reason he is a back up Quarterback and that reason will be clear this Sunday as he won’t even come close to matching those numbers against the best defense in the NFL. Look for the Steelers to come into Foxboro and shut down the Pats as Cassel will be picking himself off the ground all day.


Jets 31 Broncos 20

The Broncos have been a mystery wrapped in an enigma all season, as they have been able to win in Atlanta one week, and get hammered at home by the Raiders two weeks later. What Broncos team shows up this week will determine if they have a chance to beat the Jets or not. If Jay Cutler is strong and the Broncos can pressure Brett Favre they have a chance, if not then its blow out city for the Jets.


Raiders 27 Chiefs 10

The Chiefs stink, plain and simple. Last week they were waxed for 54 points by the Bills, and even against the woeful Raiders offense they are bound to give up more this week. Look for a big game from JaMarcus Russel as the Raiders win going easily, sweeping their rivals in red.


Vikings 24 Bears 20

First place is on the line at the Metrodome, as the 6-5 Vikings host the 6-5 Bears for control of the mediocre NFC North. This is one of those series that tend to go home and home each year with the dome bound Vikings winning at home, but losing in the elements. This one will be in the dome and the Vikings will continue the trend with a win.


Texans 27 Jaguars 17

Monday Night Football, three words that used to symbolize excellence, a game you look forward too. This week you can watch something else, because it is a guaranteed stinker. Both teams are out of the playoffs, and playing for pride alone. The Texans seem to be finishing strong while the Jaguars just want to limp home and recover next year. That spells win for Houston.