2008 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 8-7 .533
Last Week Spread: 9-6 .600
Total No Spread: 16-15 .516
Total Spread: 16-15 .516



Falcons 20 Chiefs 10

It’s safe to say that the Brodie Croyle era in Kansas City is just about over, as the Chiefs are already focusing on 2009 and beyond as they start Tyler Thigpen. This team is bad and its not getting better any time soon, the Falcons too are focused on the future, but with Matt Ryan they have a foundation set in place, and if his play in Week 1 is any indicator the future is good in Atlanta.


Bills 27 Raiders 10

The Raiders came up a surprise winner last week, possibly saving Coach Lane Kiffin’s job. This week, hopefully for the Raiders young coach the sword of Damocles is far away, because it will fall after they play the Bills. The Bills at 2-0 have been outstanding beating the Seahawks and Jaguars, now with a cupcake they should fest and start to emerge as a contender in the AFC East.


Buccaneers 20 Bears 16

Rex Grossman is buried on the Bears bench, and Kyle Orton has been up and down so far, while Brian Griese who started a few games last year for the Bears is leading their opponents in the Soldier’s Field opener. The key for the Bears is the running game, and against the Bucs defense that could be a problem, look for Griese to burn his former team as the Bucs win on the road.


Vikings 24 Panthers 17

The Panthers are a surprise at 2-0 led by a resurgent QB Jake Delhomme, while the Vikings who entered with high expectations are scuffling at 0-2, leading to the benching of QB Tavaris Jackson. With Adrian Peterson and the Vikings running game, they are too good to be 0-3, and they won’t be Gus Ferotte tough not the solution is good enough to support Peterson and get the Vikings back on track.


Patriots 27 Dolphins 13

The Dolphins are bad; the Patriots are still good despite the loss of QB Tom Brady. The fact is I could probably start for the Patriots and beat the Dolphins. While the Patriots are not quite a super bowl team without Brady and the Dolphins are not as bad as they were last year, in Foxboro, the Dolphins who have not won a road game since Thanksgiving 2006, won’t win one here.


Giants 37 Bengals 13

Chad Johnson or Ocho Cinco it don’t matter either way because so far the Cincinnati Bengals are el stinko. At 0-2 don’t expect things to get better any time soon, Marvin Lewis may be a good coach, and he was certainly a great defensive coordinator, but it’s just not working any more he has lost the team, and the Bengals are starting to look like a lost cause. Against the reigning champs look for them to fall to 0-3 and it won’t even be close.


Titans 24 Texans 13

The Texans have not played in two weeks, Houston is a mess from Hurricane Ike, and Reliant Stadium may need a substitution before the Texans return home, as the Texans face the Titans, who once upon a time were the Houston Oilers in Nashville. The Titans are 2-0 and looking strong, the Texans are just happy to get back on the field, look for a strong game from the Titans as they easily beat the Texans.


Redskins 24 Cardinals 20

The Cardinals may just be the best in the west and the Redskins may be the worst in the east, but on the field they are about evenly matched as the NFC East may be the SEC of the NFL, while the NFC West is the Sunbelt. That’s not saying the Cardinals are bad, but going three time zones east and playing in the morning they are not ready to win under those circumstances, as the Redskins continue to keep the East perfect against the rest of the NFL.


Broncos 31 Saints 27

Jay Cutler is finally starting to show the promise he had at the combines and at Vanderbilt, as he has had two straight spectacular games to start the season. Look for him to have another big day against the Saints, whose passing defense is not among the best in the NFL and that is an understatement. However, look for the Saints to keep it close as they have an offense that can hang with anybody.


49ers 37 Lions 17

How do you make J.T. O’Sullivan look like Joe Montana to a fed fan base in the Bay Area? Easy you play the Lions, a defense that is so bad that a Pop Warner team could cover NFL receivers better. Look for a big day for O’Sullivan who celebrates with drinks on the house, as the Lions oh the Cowardly Lions continue to search for any sign of courage.


Seahawks 27 Rams 13

The Seahawks at 0-2 have been one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL, as their injuries have decimated the receiving core. Well good news Seattle the cure for what ales you is on the way and it’s the St. Louis Rams, who are in a word plain a simply baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Look for the Seahawks to run all over the Rams, and get their season back on track.


Ravens 17 Browns 13

It is starting to look as if the Browns 10-6 record last season was merelt a marage, as they have been out of sync from the start of the preseason, After dropping their first two games at home the now face a must win on the road at a division rival. Must wins on the road at division rivals are never a good thing in September and it won’t be good for the Browns who fall to 0-3.


Jaguars 24 Colts 20

Despite their comeback win last week from 15-0 down on the road, the Colts are not quite the Colts yet. Meanwhile the Jaguars are another 0-2 team facing a must win on the road against a division rival. However, this time the advantage might be in the Jaguars court as the Colts defense has trouble stopping the run without Bob Sanders who will be sidelined at least four weeks. The last time the Colts faced the Jags without Sanders, the Jaguars rushed for 375 yards against the Colts.


Eagles 27 Steelers 17

The battle of Pennsylvania is one of the unquestioned highlights of Week 3, as the 2-0 Steelers face the 1-1 Eagles, who are coming off a strong showing on the road against the Cowboys despite losing on Monday Night. Look for the Eagles to put together another strong game as this time they have the home field and get the victory, as the Steelers 2-0 start may be more the result of an easy early schedule.


Cowboys 27 Packers 20

After winning their first two games, the Packers and new QB Aaron Rodgers face their first true test as they face the Cowboys on Sunday Night. Event though the game is at Lambeau Field and John Madden’s heart is broken that he won’t see Brett Favre this week; the true story is Tony Romo. Romo is for real and so are the Cowboys, they may have the best rounded offense in the NFL, their defense has not played up to par so far, but that should catch up eventually as the Cowboys win another primetime thriller.


Chargers 41 Jets 17

After being flat out robbed by the officials last week, and losing on the final play in Week 1, the Chargers are angry and desperate as they face the Jets on Monday Night. Look for a big day and big fireworks from Phillip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson as the Chargers put it away early and take chance out of it by beating up on the Jets who have yet to find the groove with Brett Favre who is still trying to learn a new playbook.