2008 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 5-9 .357
Last Week Spread: 5-9 .357
Total No Spread: 53-35 .602
Total Spread: 49-39 .557



Bills 24 Chargers 20

The Chargers took it to the Patriots last week, handing them their worst loss in five years. Now they face the dreaded cross country early start in Buffalo. The Bills who are coming off a bye week have been one of the best teams in the AFC in the early season. Look for the Bills top take full home field advantage as they beat the Chargers at home.


Panthers 24 Saints 20

A big game for both teams, with the Saints and Panthers each needing a win to get a leg up in the NFC South. The loser will be behind the eight ball. For the Panthers they actually have the edge with the home field. Look for a big day for Jake Delhomme against the soft Saints secondary as the Panthers win the day.


Bears 20 Vikings 16

The Vikings have not quite lived up to expectations so far this year, as they narrowly beat an awful Lions team last week. This week going into Chicago I can’t see things getting any better as the Bears have played well at home. Look for the Bears to force Gus Ferrotte to make the big mistake and win the game because of it.


Steelers 31 Bengals 17

Carson Palmer is injured, Chad Ocho Cinco is acting like a two year old, and Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat. It may be just October, but it is all over for the Bengals. Look for their woes to continue at home as they get hammered by the Steelers to fall to 0-7.


Titans 27 Chiefs 10

Our web rats found this exclusive posting on My Space Blog. (Trapped in KC. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp me, get me out of here. I want to go let me go, Signed Tony Gonzalez. ) Sadly for Tony Gonzalez he will have to finish the season with the Chiefs, on a team with no talent, and no hope as they put up no resistance to the Titans who have no losses.


Dolphins 20 Ravens 13

Last week the Dolphins lost a heartbreaker in Houston, while the Ravens came crashing to the earth in Indianapolis. This week the Dolphins get a nice bounce back win climbing back to .500 as the Ravens 2-0 start fades into memory, after all even last year the Dolphins were able to beat the Ravens, and that was their lone win.


Giants 34 49ers 13

The Giants last week suffered a bump in the road as they lost their first game of the season to the Browns on Monday Night. Often teams like the Giants read the press clippings and get fat, but when they recover they so in a big way, and against the terrible 49ers that will be the case, as they take advantage of the 1:00 Eastern start win easily.


Cowboys 27 Rams 10

The last seven days have been tough as can be for the Cowboys, as they were beaten by the Cardinals, while Tony Romo suffered a broken pinky. Then they lost Pac Man Jones to suspension, while acquiring a new Roy Williams, to share the ball with T.O. The drama on the latter has not surfaced yet, but it will. As for this week nothing is better medicine then facing the Lambs.


Texans 24 Lions 13

Last week the Texans rallied for a dramatic win in the last minute against the Dolphins, as Matt Schaub scored on QB sneak. The Lions on the other had lost when back up QB Dan Orlovsky lost track of the back of the endzone and was called for a safety, and that is what cost the winless Lions the game. This week it will be more of the same as Schaub takes the Texans forward as the Lions stay in reverse.


Colts 27 Packers 17

Peyton Manning at Lambeau Field, that alone is a reason to watch this one. The Colts last week appeared to finally found their right gear as they hammered the Ravens, with Manning looking in rhythm for the first time all season. Look for the Colts to keep rolling as they take the Packers to town.


Jets 34 Raiders 13

Forty years ago these two teams met in a regular season game for the ages that was interrupted by Heidi as the Raiders rallied for a win, of course the Jets advanced to Super Bowl III with a win in the rematch. Back then of course Al Davis was genius now the mind wanders and he still thinks its 1968 apparently, as the Black Hole in Oakland has become the land of confusion.


Redskins 24 Browns 21

Last week the Browns had a great win stunning the unbeaten Giants, while the Redskins lost a heartbreaker to the winless Rams. This week it’s back to normal for both teams as the Redskins rebound in a close hard fought game, ending the Browns modest two game winning streak.


Buccaneers 24 Seahawks 10

Prior to the season Seahawks Coach Mike Holmgren announced his retirement at the end of the season. Unfortunately for him it appears his last round up is going to be a downer, as the Seahawks are 1-4 and limping through the season. Things won’t get any better as they go into Tampa Bay on Sunday Night. Look for the Buccaneers to win this one easily.


Broncos 27 Patriots 17

The bloom is off the rose for Matt Cassel as the Patriots are reeling with losses in two of their last three games. Heading home to Foxboro, don’t expect things to get any better as they even in their best years have always had trouble against the Broncos. Look for a big game from Jay Cutler, as the Patriots defense has also looked vulnerable.