2009 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 8-6 .571
Last Week Spread: 8-6 .571
Total No Spread: 61-29 .678
Total Spread: 47-43 .522



Packers 27 Browns 10

The Packers last week laid the smack down on the Lions with a 27-0 win at Lambeau Field. This week they get another weak sister of the poor in the Browns, it may not be as easy, but it will easy none the less, as they start to get some momentum in their hopes of keeping up with the Vikings in the NFC North.


Texans 27 49ers 17

Two teams who entered the season with hopes of contending for their division titles face at possible crossroads. The Texans are coming off a solid road win against the Bengals; the 49ers coming off a bye are trying to rebound from their worst performance of the season against the Falcons. I like the Texans as the home team in this one especially with the recent performance of QB Matt Schaub.


Chargers 24 Chiefs 20

Not to say the Chargers are soft, but I hear the new Mr. Softee trucks, will feature the famed Ice Cream mascot wearing a Charger Lightning bolt. This week they face a poor team in the Chiefs, so they should win, but they will not make it easy as the Chiefs are showing signs of improvement and could sneak out a win if the Chargers continue to play sloppy football.


Steelers 20 Vikings 10

In starting 6-0 the Vikings survived two close calls at home, beating the 49ers in the final seconds on a pass from Brett Favre, and last week’s missed Field Goal as time expired against the Ravens. In Pittsburgh the run will come to an end as the Steelers defense will slow down the Vikings offense just enough to win a game between two of the NFL’s top teams.


Colts 38 Rams 0

Things that have a greater chance the Rams winning this week; a snowball in hell; a lame gazel in a den full of lions, a slow moving trout in a shark tank, and a nail up against a hammer. I think perhaps the Florida Gators would have a better chance of beating the Colts then the pitiful Rams.


Patriots 45 Buccaneers 7

Finally the Buccaneers have a game they should win, as they head over to London for a game against England’s team. Oh wait a second; they are playing the New England Patriots and not the London Silly Nannies? Nevermind the Patriots will win this one easily, and could roll up the score again.


Panthers 24 Bills 13

After starting 0-3 the Panthers could get back to .500, as they take full advantage of the easy part of their schedule. The Bills should not have won last week, and with QB Trent Edwards likely sitting out, it will be hard to imagine the winning streak increasing to two. Look for a strong game from the Panthers defense, as T.O. continues to suffer frustration.


Jets 17 Raiders 13

The Jets after starting 3-0 are now reeling at 0-3, as QB Mark Sanchez has looked like a rookie. Last week Sanchez was picked off five times in a loss against the woeful Bills. Heading out west may be good for him as the weather should be better in Oakland, while the Jets defense gets to get healthy against the pitiful Raiders passing game.


Bears 27 Bengals 16

The Bengals came down to earth last week, with a dud performance at home against the Texans. The Bears come in this week off a loss, and will be looking to rebound. Look for a strong game by Jay Cutler as the Bears get back on track the Benagls continue to become the Bengals again, as the Bears defense is able to shutdown Bengals RB Curtis Benson.


Falcons 27 Cowboys 24

Coming off a bye week, the Cowboys will try to get a big win at home against the Falcons. The Cowboys like to think they have the most talent in the league, but it may just be the most overrated players in the league. Close games seem to be bad news for the Cowboys, and this one will be close. Look for Matt Ryan to make the plays at the end to win it for the Falcons, while Tony Romo and Cowboys fall short again.


Saints 28 Dolphins 17

The Dolphins must keep control of the ball if they are to have any chance at all. They must at least hold the ball for 40 minutes, and score a touchdown every time in the red zone to have the slightest chance to get the upset. Because the Dolphins secondary does not stand a chance against Drew Brees, who took apart the top ranked defense in the Giants last week.


Giants 34 Cardinals 20

Coming off a bad performance in New Orleans last week, the Giants will be looking to rebound in primetime against the Cardinals. The Cardinals have a strong offense that could give the Giants some problems, but against the Giants pressure, Cardinals QB Kurt Warner who lacks the quick release of Drew Brees won’t have any where near the same success as the Giants rebound nicely.


Eagles 27 Redskins 10

There is one thing both Republicans and Democrats in Washington can agree on, and that is the Redskins are a mess. Jason Campbell clearly is not a NFL quality starting QB, while Coach Jim Zorn who has lost the offensive play calling, as he gets hammered by Redskins legend John Riggins. Don’t expect things to get better this week as they suffer a Monday Night loss to the Eagles at home.