4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 11-5 .688
Season Total: 104-88 .542



Patriots 24 Bills 20

Last week the Patriots were hardly impressive in a win over the Jets while the Bills suffered a catastrophic collapse in Miami. The Patriots will win this one because they are just better then the Bills who now gave suspended their own disgruntled WR in Eric Moulds.


Panthers 24 Buccaneers 13

When these two teams met in Tampa the Panthers scored a big win. Now in Carolina the Panthers will complete the sweep by pounding the Buccaneers again, as they grab full control of the NFC South and begin to look towards getting 1 of the top 2 seeds in the NFC postseason.


Bengals 34 Browns 14

The Bengals are back and poised for their first playoff appearance in 15 years, while the Browns continue to fell low in Ohio. Look for the Bengals to have a field day beating the Browns big as Chad Johnson tries to one up Panthers WR Steve Smith changing the baby celebration, who knows what he will come up with but Im sure it will be on ESPN at nausea.


Colts 24 Jaguars 20

Had the Jaguars had a healthy Byron Leftwich at QB they would really be the right team to end the Colts undefeated run. However, with David Garrad under center it would be hard to imagine the Jaguars winning this one. It will still be close, but in the end the Colts will be too tough and will reach 13-0.


Vikings 27 Rams 10

What do Mike Martz and Daunte Culpepper have in common? Each may be sitting and watching their jobs go bye bye. The Vikings are 5-0 since Brad Johnson took over at QB for the injured Culpepper while nobody on the Rams wants Martz anywhere near the team. Culpepper maybe lucky in that Johnson is 37 but Martz won’t be as fortunate as the


Raiders 13 Jets 10

The Jets season has been an unmitigated disaster. The Raiders have not been much better, and now they are changing Quarterbacks. This one will be a snorefest, but in the end the Jets are so bad they can’t beat anybody. Look for the game to come down to Field Goals as Mike Nugent goes off course, while Sebastian Janikowski drinks one up and nails it through.


Steelers 17 Bears 9

After 3 straight losses this is a must win for the Steelers, while the Bears with 7 straight wins are due for a loss. In Pittsburgh both will happen, as the Steelers defense after allowing 38 points will be looking to put the clamps down hard on the Bears, whose offense has been mediocre at best despite their 9-3 record.


Titans 30 Texans 10

Fearful of losing Reggie Bush the Texans decide to lay down from opening kick off in this one as the Titans benefiting from playing teams that are actually worse then they are win for the 2nd time in 3 games. Look for a big game from Steve McNair while David Carr continues to be the Sack King.


Cardinals 24 Redskins 20

The Cardinals have played much better in recent weeks winning 2 of their last 3 games, while the Redskins after a strong start are now on the verge of fading away. Look for the Redskins last gasp of hope to wilt in the desert as the Cardinals score a nice win at home by edging the Redskins.


Giants 20 Eagles 16

The Eagles are going through the season from hell. Coming off a NFC Championship, this season has been nothing but pain, as Donovan McNabb suffered a Sports hernia, while Coach Andy Reid had a pain in his ass from the now departed Terrell Owens, now Brian Westbrook is lost with a foot injury. The Giants coming in should bring out a good game in the Eagles but it won’t bring a win.


Seahawks 38 49ers 17

After slaughtering the Eagles on Monday Night, the Seahawks again are impressive as they lay a beating on the 49ers. When these two teams met last week the Seahawks ony won by 2, now in Seattle the Seahawks will be looking to make a strong statement in their pursuit of home field.


Cowboys 24 Chiefs 20

The Chiefs scored a big win at home last beating the Broncos, while the Cowboys played terrible and lost control of the NFC East to the Giants. Look for the home standing Cowboys to comeback strong and upset the Chiefs, who are not quite the same team, when playing away from Arrowhead.


Broncos 31 Ravens 10

The Broncos strong season hit a road bump in Kansas City last week, but the Broncos always lose in Kansas City back home and in the Mile High Air they will thrive as they take their anger out on the Ravens who are finished at 4-8, and now without Ray Lewis for the rest of the season.


Chargers 38 Dolphins 17

The Dolphins down 23-3 in the 4th Quarter scored 21 points to stun the Buffalo Bills at home last week. This week against the Chargers they won’t be as lucky as the Chargers given a lead that big will only build on it, as they know they need to just about run the table to make the playoffs.


Packers 27 Lions 17

Communist News Agency in the old Soviet Union used to ban all news that made the Soviet Union or its leaders look in a bad light. In the middle ages kings would kill messengers who delivered bad news. In 2005 Lions incompetent GM Matt Milen has banned fans from bringing signs demanding him to be fired. Maybe a loss here would help the fans achieve that goal.


Falcons 31 Saints 10

The Falcons need a win badly and on Monday Night Football they do just that as Michael Vick shines brightly in the primetime spotlight with a big game against a Saints team playing without fire or desire.