4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 12-2 .857
Season Total: 50-38 .568



Dolphins 17 Chiefs 13

Thus far the Dolphins have been like night and day at home and on the road, beating 2 good teams at home, while losing all 3 on the road. Back home in Miami the Dolphins will rise to the occasion as the Chiefs who suddenly find themselves playing on a Friday thanks to the threat of Hurricane Wilma.


Steelers 20 Bengals 17

With a win the Bengals could sit firmly in the Driver’s Seat in the AFC North with a 2 and half game lead. However, when you become a contender there are bumps in the roads and hard lessons. One of those lessons will come Sunday when the Steelers who are experienced in winning big games win another big one as Ben Roethlisberger returns.


Browns 17 Lions 13

If Jeff Garcia was not injured Lions QB Joey Harrington will already being wearing a cap and holding a clipboard, if continues to play poorly he may be wearing it by the end of the game as they Lions turn to UConn rookie Dan Orlovsky, look for the Browns defense to decide this one as Harrington continues to struggle.


Colts 41 Texans 14

David Carr Texans QB aka the human tackling dummy vs. Dwight sack master Freeney. The Colts are undefeated the Texans are totally defeated, this one is not going to be pretty. With a bye week coming up the Colts starters get 2 quarters off as the game is over at halftime with Manning’s arm and Carr flat on his back again and again.


Packers 48 Vikings 17

Heading into the bye week the Packers blew off allot of steam in a 52-3 pounding of the Saints, while the Vikings used their bye week to redefine the Minnesota cruise industry. Look for the snowball continue to roll down the hill as the Packers go on the road and blowout the error prone Vikings, as the axe comes closer to Coach Mike Tice.


Eagles 34 Chargers 17

For the Eagles their bye week could not have come at a better time hurting physically and mentally after being blown out by the Cowboys. Facing the Chargers at home the Eagles make a strong statement shutting down LaDanlian Tomlinson and the Chargers traveling cross-country for the second time this season.


Saints 30 Rams 13

The Rams are missing their Coach and their Quarterback, while their porous defense is present and accounted for. The ladder might be the worst news of the 3, as their Rams horrendous defense is true their Achilles Heel look for a big day from Aaron Brooks as the Saints get a big win on the road.


Redskins 31 49ers 10

The 49ers have now officially handed the keys to the team to rookie QB Alex Smith with the trade of Tim Rattay, but learning to drive takes allot a bumps along the way as the 49ers going cross-country are shut down by the tough Redskins defense in Washington, with the Redskins defense putting up a score.


Seahawks 27 Cowboys 13

Going to the West Coast is tough enough but going from Dallas to the Seattle is even tougher, as the Seahawks are hungry for revenge for a bad Monday Night loss last season. Look for a big game from Shaun Alexander as the Seahawks continue to soar above the mediocre NFC West.


Cardinals 27 Titans 17

The Cardinals entered the season full of optimism as they were the trendy pick to win the NFC West, but then they realized they are the Arizona Cardinals. However, this week for a change things are different as they face a young Titans team who will wilt in the desert look for a big day from Larry Fitzgerald as the Cards coming flying off the bye.



Ravens 20 Bears 6

Like blood in the water for a shark the Ravens defense smell Rookie Quarterbacks and get riled up. Look for the Ravens to keep another team out of the endzone as Kyle Orton has a rough day for the Bears, as the NFC North demonstrates again why there is no team worthy of going to the playoffs.


Giants 27 Broncos 13

After losing their first game to the Dolphins the Broncos have won 5 straight beating the Chargers, Jaguars, and Patriots along the way, they are due for a let down and that letdown comes in the Meadowlands, as Eli Manning has a field day against the Broncos banged up secondary.


Raiders 24 Bills 20

The Raiders need a win before their season is lost at 1-5, look for them to rise to the occasion as the Bills going cross-country finds themselves jet lagged. Look for a big game from LaMont Jordan running against the Bills injured defense, as the Raiders defense shuts down the Bills mediocre offense.


Falcons 31 Jets 10

When this game was slated at the beginning of the season it looked like a great match up of young Quarterbacks and playoff contenders. Now with Chad Pennington on the shelf and the Jets season going down in flames, it will be just a showcase for Michael Vick and the Falcons defense look for the Falcons to win easily.