2010 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 11-5 .688
Previous Week Point Spread: 10-6 .625
Season No Spread: 149-75 .665
Season Point Spread: 118-106 .527



Steelers 27 Panthers 3

The Panthers got back in the win column last week, but there is a long way to go before they can win a game like this. The Steelers coming off a loss playing at home in primetime will look to put the game out of reach fast, as they start focusing on getting healthy for the playoffs. The Panthers will be lucky if they even sniff the endzone.


Cowboys 24 Cardinals 13

Dear Santa;
I’ve been a good boy this year please bring me a Quarterback, and if you really really have some magic in that sack of yours make Kurt Warner 30 again and make him unretired.
You’re Pal,
Ken Whisenhunt
P.S. Give us a chance for a Christmas Miracle against the Cowboys


Patriots 27 Bills 20

It has been seven long years since the Bills beat the Patriots, and it seems the second match up between these two division rivals is always a blowout. With a win the Pats will lock up home field and enable themselves to rest the remainder of the season. Though the Bills have played better as of late and played well earlier in the year in Foxboro it would take more than a Christmas Miracle for them to win.


Bears 20 Jets 6

Even with a win in Pittsburgh last week, the Jets offense has continued to sputter as the big play was a Brad Smith kick return. This week in Chicago it will be the Jets who have to worry about Devin Hester running one back, as the Bears defense after a bad game against the Patriots bounced back nicely last week. Expect them to force a big mistake from Mark Sanchez, whose health is now a question mark for the win.


Browns 23 Ravens 20

Nothing would put a smile on the Browns faces like a win over the Ravens. The Browns have played well at times this year and have snuck up on their share of opponents. Despite winning their last two games the Ravens defense has been vulnerable lately especially in the 4th Quarter. Look for the Browns to rally to force overtime where they will win and spoil the Ravens hopes of winning the division.


Jaguars 23 Redskins 17

Rex Grossman played well last week, but came up short against the rival Cowboys. With them out of the playoffs and playing the Jaguars on the road, it is hard to imagine they can duplicate the effort. The Jags still have a shot to win the AFC South if the Colts falter. To keep the heat on Indy they must win every game, look for a big day from Maurice Jones-Drew as the Jags win at home again.


Chiefs 27 Titans 20

The Chiefs still lead the AFC West, and control their own destiny. All year long they have been terrific at home, winning their first six games. The Titans despite a win last week are still a team in transition as the future of Coach Jeff Fisher is in doubt while QB Kerry Collins is the starter for the remainder of the season with the future of Vince Young likely the biggest dominion to fall. The Chiefs can run the ball and will be able to keep the ball away from Chris Johnson.


Dolphins 16 Lions 10

Both these teams likely wish this game was in Detroit as the Lions last week ended a 25 game road losing streak, while the Dolphins are 1-6 at their stadium; maybe its confusion over the name of the Dolphins Stadium, which changes every season. Perhaps they should change it to the name of the opponent so they can think of it as road game. The Lions can win the game, but the Dolphins defense should be able to shutdown their offense and at least end the home season with a win.


49ers 24 Rams 20

They should rename the NFC West the WTF Division. Does anybody really want to go to the playoffs? Believe it or not if the 49ers win they can enter the last week of the season tied for first place with a 6-9 record. The Rams have shown some growing pains as of late. Look for the 49ers to come in and create some real upheaval as their defense will keep the Rams offense stuck in neutral.


Chargers 23 Bengals 17

To stay alive in the AFC West hunt the Chargers must run the table. The Bengals have played poorly all season, but this is the type of game that has given the Chargers nightmares all season. They should crush the Bengals, but one mistake and they will spend the entire off-season shaking their heads. The Chargers in the end have too much talent to lose to a team as bad as the Bengals, expect it to be close but in the end Phillip Rivers will make a big play to earn the win.


Texans 27 Broncos 13

It’s the ghost of seasons past and seasons yet to come for Coach Gary Kubiak, as he spends season present facing the Broncos in Denver. It is another bitter disappointment for the Texans who despite a talented roster will not sniff the playoffs again. Chances are he won’t be in Houston much beyond the end of the season, but with his past in Denver he may land on his feet where he would help Tiny Tim Tebow develop into a NFL star so one day he can hold the Lombardi Trophy and say “God Bless us Everyone.”


Raiders 31 Colts 27

It’s been a long rough year for the Colts who despite their struggles still are in the driver’s seats for the playoffs. However, just one more slip up and the season can come to a cold harsh end. The Raiders are a team on the rise who also are alive for the playoffs, winning a game like this whether or not they get in would be a big boost for morale. Austin Collie is out and when he has been out Manning has struggled look for a few big interceptions as the Raiders stun the Colts in Oakland.


Packers 34 Giants 10

A week after their collapse at the Meadowlands against the Eagles, the Giants face the Packers in what could be viewed as a playoff game. A loss here and the Wild Card could begin to slip from their grasp. On the road in Lambeau Field makes the task even tougher, add to the fact Aaron Rodgers has been cleared to play and the Giants have their work cut out for them. If they can bounce back from last week and win they deserve a world of credit, but I just don’t see it happening as they fall behind early as the hangover effects them as Rodgers has a big day.


Buccaneers 24 Seahawks 19

One team is 8-6 the other 6-8, and it’s the 6-8 team that has the clearest road to the playoffs. The Bucs lost to the Lions last week could prove costly as they limp to the finishing line. However, the Seahawks defense has been terrible as of late, add to the fact the game is in Tampa and you should expect a big day from Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman as the Seahawks continue to demonstrate just how bad the NFC West is.


Eagles 34 Vikings 10

This is a terrible game for NBC to flex, the Eagles are flying into the postseason while the Vikings boat has been on fire and sailing to Valhalla since the word go. Knowing Brett Favre we can expect to see another start from #4 and a another ride on a golf cart as announcer wonder if this is the last we have seen of Brett Favre, while the Eagles win in a laugher.


Falcons 30 Saints 24

This game could have been a lot bigger if the Saints did their part last week, and beat the Ravens. However, the Falcons hold a two game edge in the AFC South and can lock up home field with a win. As all Falcons-Saints tussles this should be close, but the Falcons have more aspects of the game working right for them, and that will be the difference on Monday Night.