2010 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 9-7 .563
Previous Week Point Spread: 8-8 .500
Season No Spread: 22-10 .688
Season Point Spread: 18-14 .563



Ravens 24 Browns 6

Through two games this year the Ravens have yet to allow a touchdown. However, they only managed a split in two road games, as they have had their own offensive foibles. However, in their home opener against the Browns that should come to an end as the Ravens get the offense on track, while on defense they will continue to dominate as they win easily.


Bengals 27 Panthers 13

After just two weeks the Panthers have benched QB Matt Moore in favor of rookie Jimmy Clausen. While at Notre Dame Clausen showed signs of being a star, but come draft day his stock plummeted as concerns about his personality rose. Want more evidence the Panthers are throwing up a Hail Mary to save their season. Hail Mary’s rarely are caught for Touchdowns as the Panthers are in for a long season.


Texans 24 Cowboys 20

Sirens are blaring, bells are ring and the warning light is flashing; the panic button has been pressed in Dallas as the Cowboys are 0-2. With Super Bowl dreams the Cowboys on paper seem to have a strong roster, but far too often seem to come short on the field. One reason is Coach Wade Phillips who is worth seven points for the other team, and the other is a struggling offensive line. Against the Texans who view this as a grudge match, a d have a strong front seven the Cowboys could be in danger of losing again.


Chiefs 17 49ers 13

Talent wise the 49ers should win this game, as they have a strong back to carry the ball a few solid receivers to catch the ball and a strong defense led by Patrick Willis. However, in starting 0-2 the 49ers have made far too many mistakes. Playing in the early game, with the short week after Monday Night in a stadium that gives the Chiefs a great home field advantage are too many obstacles for a team prone to making mistakes to overcome. Look for the Chiefs to win another close one and improve to 3-0.


Vikings 27 Lions 20

Both teams are 0-2, but their fans are feeling very differently about it. In Minnesota they are worried, and wondering if the Vikings going to turn things around and get back to the playoffs, as QB Brett Favre has looked terrible. In Detroit they are excited the Lions have played well and the fans are wondering what if starting QB Matthew Stafford was healthy? Stafford will miss this one too and the Lions will come up short again, but when it’s over Viking fans will still worry, as Lions fans see the foundation of a future developing.


Patriots 41 Bills 10

Last week Tom Brady and the Patriots had a miserable second half during their loss on the road to the Jets. This week they are playing the Bills, where Brady can play blindfolded and still win. The losses are already mounting in Buffalo. They have gone from one awful QB in Trent Edwards who will be coming to a UFL team near you in 2011 to Ryan Fitzpatrick who is only better because Bills fans are tired of Edwards. This one will be ugly as Bills fans wonder if Jim Kelly can come out of retirement.


Saints 23 Falcons 17

The fight for the NFC South is on, as these two old rivals meet. The defending champion Saints have done just enough to win their first two games, as Drew Brees demonstrated on Monday Night why he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Look for that trend to continue as this game will be close throughout, but in the end with the home crowd on their side the Saints will get to 3-0.


Titans 31 Giants 17

Last weeks loss to the Colts had to be troubling on a number of fronts for the Giants, as they were dominated in every aspect of the game, while RB Brandon Jacobs appeared to be in full meltdown mode as his helmet ended up in the stands. The Giants defense also looked weak against the Colts lackluster backfield. Now they face Chris Johnson, the best Running Back in the league. This does not bode well for big blue. Look for Johnson, to flirt with two hundred yards as the Titans have a field day in the Meadowlands.


Steelers 17 Buccaneers 3

Both of these teams are 2-0 and it’s because of their defense. In Tampa, the young Buccaneers are looking like the old Bucs who dominated a decade ago and won a Super Bowl, while the Steelers playing without QB Ben Roethlisberger have had a defense that has the look of an all-time great. It won’t matter who is at quarterback for the Steelers, the way their defense has looked, as the young Bucs, playing without Tanard Jackson will struggle just to get past midfield.


Eagles 21 Jaguars 17

Eagles Coach Andy Reid is taking a lot of heat for benching QB Kevin Kolb in favor of Michael Vick. However, he had no choice, Vick is looking like the old Michael Vick who was destined for fame and glory, and if that Vick is back, the Eagles can not put the potential of finding lightning in a bottle on the bench. If Vick gets hurt or struggles, Kolb can come in at any time. However, it won’t be this week as the Eagles should be able to slip past the Jaguars on the road.


Redskins 24 Rams 13

Last week the Redskins lost a heartbreaker in overtime to the Texans. On the road for the first time with QB Donovan McNabb expect a nice bounce back as they face the awful Rams. The Redskins defense looked good for the first six quarters and should be able to stop the Rams offense led by Rookie QB Sam Bradford.


Cardinals 20 Raiders 13

Last week the Cardinals looked awful against the Falcons. They did not look much better the week before, despite beating the Rams. The Raiders also earned their one win against the Rams. It’s the home opener in Arizona and mediocrity is in air. The Raiders are already playing quarterback roulette as the Cardinals are talking to god, and hoping maybe he can talk to Kurt Warner and ask him to return. However, they won’t need him this week, as Derek Anderson should be able to find Larry Fitzgerald just enough to get the win.


Colts 45 Broncos 13

Even when the Broncos were a solid playoff contender the Colts coming to town meant nothing but bad news. The Colts weapons should be able to rip through the Broncos secondary all day, as Peyton Manning has another big passing day to lead the Colts to their second straight blow out victory.


Chargers 24 Seahawks 20

Last week the Seahawks were exposed by the Broncos who gashed their defense all day, as QB Matt Hasselbeck had trouble getting anything going. Despite coming home, where they always play well, things do not look good for them as the Chargers appear to be back on track following an opening week loss. The game will be close, but in the end it will be QB Phillip Rivers who is the difference as the Chargers win.


Dolphins 16 Jets 13

The Dolphins have done just enough to win their first two games on the road, as their defense is starting to emerge as one of the strongest in the NFL. Facing the Jets and their vaunted defense, they will need to continue to be strong as this Primetime battle promises to be a tight hard fought battle. One thing the Dolphins do is limit mistakes, and if they can do that here they will reach 3-0, as the undisciplined frat house Jets will make penalties and that is what can be the difference when you get tow teams who are evenly matched.


Packers 27 Bears 13

Chicago will be hopping as the Bears and Packers meet on Monday Night, with each team holding 2-0 records. The Packers expected to be 2-0, while the Bears are some what fortunate. Last season in his first season with the Bears QB Jay Cutler had some of his worst games under the white hot lights of Monday and Sunday Night. The Packers are a defense that can create turnovers, and they have a QB that can create wins. Look for the Pack to be the leaders of the NFC North following this game between the NFL’s oldest rivals.