2010 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 10-4 .714
Previous Week Point Spread: 7-7 .500
Season No Spread: 55-35 .611
Season Point Spread: 43-47 .478



Falcons 24 Bengals 13

Heading into their bye week the Bengals were reeling with back to back losses to the Bucs and Browns. They could come out and play better, but that may not make a difference as the Falcons are the better team here playing at home. Look for solid games from Matt Ryan and Michael Turner to lead the way to victory.


Ravens 27 Bills 9

There are not enough adjectives to describe how awful the Bills are. On the road they face an angry Ravens team coming off a bad loss in New England. The Bills have a porous run defense that means a big day for Ray Rice is possible, while their offense may be the worst in the NFL. Look for this one to get ugly fast as the only chance the Bills have to score will be cosmetically after it’s out of reach.


49ers 20 Panthers 13

One of the things that was particularly frustrating for the 49ers during their 0-5 start was they have the talent to be so much better, yet they made to many mental errors. The Panthers are 0-5 coming off a bye and it’s almost time to say bye bye to many players on this team, as its going to get a whole lot uglier before it gets better. This week the 49ers should win again if they keep turnovers down again.


Redskins 17 Bears 13

Right now the Bears offense is playing horrific football as their offensive line has been getting their quarterbacks hammered. The Redskins have some players who can put pressure on the QB, and are good at stopping the run. Unless the Bears line can figure it out, it’s going to be another long day for Jay Cutler, as the Redskins who have the ability to hang around in every game win another close one.


Chiefs 24 Jaguars 13

This game is a big test for the Chiefs coming off a horrible loss in Houston last week in which they held a big lead and lost in the final minutes. After being the last unbeaten team they now are a mere 3-2 and need a bounce back in a big way. Against the Jaguars at home they should win, as the Jaguars have health issues and are coming off a blowout loss on Monday Night.


Steelers 17 Dolphins 13

The Dolphins may just like room service or the feel of an airplane taking off and landing as they are 3-0 on the road, but have looked awful at home. Of course when you play the Jets and Patriots it’s easy to look bad. Now they face the Steelers and their swarming defense at home. The Dolphins do have a good defense too, but the Steelers always seem to have the Dolphins number, and with a solid run defense the Dolphins offense will have a tough time getting enough scores to play their style of football.


Saints 31 Browns 13

Last week for the first time all season the Saints looked like Super Bowl Champions, as they hammered the Buccaneers on the road. This week they get to bring their home fans into the fun as they begin to make a run after a mediocre start. Look for another big day from Drew Brees as he should be able to slice through the Browns defense with ease.


Buccaneers 20 Rams 17

Last year these two teams won a combined four games for the entire season, the winner of this game will have four wins in 2010. The Rams have gotten more than anyone could have expected from Sam Bradford, while the Bucs have a budding solid defense. In the dome this would likely be an easy win for the Rams, but until they can prove they can win on the road, I recommend staying away from them as far as possible.


Titans 24 Eagles 16

Last week Kevin Kolb showed just why the Eagles had so much faith him that they dealt away Donovan McNabb as he had several big pass plays against the Falcons. However, on the road against a solid defense like the Titans it would be hard to imagine him being able to have a repeat performance. The Titans also have a more versatile offense with Kenny Britt emerging as the go to receiver.


Seahawks 27 Cardinals 13

This is a big game for control of the NFC West. Both teams are 3-2 and facing off for the first time this year. Before the bye week Max Hall had a successful debut for the Cardinals beating the Saints at home. However, now on the road he must face a hostile crowd for the first time. A crowd in Seattle that gives the Seahawks one of the best homefield advantages in the league.


Broncos 24 Raiders 17

Last week the Broncos outplayed the Jets for 59 minutes, before a costly pass interference call set up the Jets winning score. This week they face a survival game against the Raiders, with the loser’s season going into intensive care as both teams enter 2-4. This is about as hard as game as there is to predict as both teams are very inconsistent. Being this one is in Denver and Kyle Orton is having a solid season so far the edge should go to the Broncos. However, the Raiders have won in Denver the last two seasons.


Patriots 27 Chargers 24

With regards to Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Teams. One team has been loaded with talent and always had a let down, while the other has gotten the most out of the least as big names depart and the unknown replacements excel. One team finds a way to win when most teams would fold the other team just seems to choke every time the chips are down. Finding a way to win again is Tom Brady and the Patriots who will capitalize on the error prone Chargers late for another comeback win.


Vikings 31 Packers 27

This could be Brett Favre’s last game at Lambeau Field. Yeah we have heard that before, but with this latest scandal and a tricky elbow the end is near. Last year he swept his old team much to the chagrin of cheese heads everywhere. A win here and the Vikings are back in action, a loss and their season is back in traction. Favre will face catcalls and jeers but, he always seems to shine in primetime, and against a banged up Packers team I expect another big day for #4.


Cowboys 21 Giants 17

At 1-4 the Cowboys season is officially on the brink. With a loss to the Giants this week, things could really spiral in Dallas, as the team with Super Bowl aspirations will likely dig a hole to deep to dig out of. Most of the Cowboys bad start is their own doing, as they have shot themselves in the foot repeatedly. However, they have just too much talent to go quietly into the night. Facing a Giants team that spoiled their home opener last year I expect revenge as Dallas fans will be look to get payback on Eli Manning who autographed the wall.