2010 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 10-3 .769
Previous Week Point Spread: 9-4 .692
Season No Spread: 74-43 .632
Season Point Spread: 58-59 .496



Falcons 27 Buccaneers 13

The Buccaneers have been one of the biggest surprises in the NFL this season, at 5-2 they just need a win this week to take over first place in the NFC South. However, they have their work cut out for them, as the Falcons have been even better compiling their 5-2 mark. The Bucs have some good young players and have been terrific on the road, but the Falcons are too strong here and too balanced on offense.


Ravens 12 Dolphins 9

If you get a kick out of field goals this may be the game for you; two solid defenses with offenses that often have trouble getting the ball into the endzone meet. Both have bend but not break defenses so there will be chances for each team to score. However nobody gets in the endzone as the Ravens win four kicks to three, as they force the Dolphins into making a back breaking turnover late.


Bears 24 Bills 13

The Bills are 0-7 and have lost two straight overtime heartbreakers on the road. The Bears who started off 3-0 but have lost three of their last four games are hoping to get back on track after a bye week. While Ryan Fitzpatrick has played well since taking over for the Bills at quarterback the Bears attacking defense should give him problems, meanwhile the Bills lack the pass rushers to get at Jay Cutler.


Saints 34 Panthers 14

The Saints coming off a horrid performance against the Browns looked like a Super Bowl team last week as they beat the Steelers. With the Falcons and Bucs facing off at 5-2, this is an important game for the Saints to get back in the race for the NFC South. The Panthers meanwhile are starting to focus on the future. Look for the Saints to take control early and win going away.


Browns 27 Patriots 24

Parody is running rampant in the NFL this season, as no team made it to Columbus Day without losing a game. Currently the Patriots are the only team with only one loss, and you don’t figure that to change against the Browns. However, the Browns have played well this year and every week there is at least one WTF result that defies explanation or logic. Here is this week’s WTF moment; the Browns stun the Patriots using their underrated running game led by Peyton Hillis to control the game.


Jets 27 Lions 16

Last week the Jets had about as ugly game as you are going to see all season as they were shutout by the Packers at home, while the Lions won their second game of the year. The Lions are a young team on the rise, but don’t match well with the Jets. The Jets defense is strong and can shutdown the Lions enough to allow the Jets offense to excel under the dome of Ford Field.


Texans 31 Chargers 17

The road has been full of nightmares for the Chargers this season, as they have lost all four games away from San Diego. Coming off a Monday Night loss, the Texans need to bounce back in a big way to avoid slip into the vacuous zone of mediocrity. Thanks to the running of Arian Foster the Texans should control the clock and the pace of the game, which is bad for the Chargers who often make too many mistakes.


Vikings 27 Cardinals 10

It’s a fine mess in Minnesota as the Vikings minus Chef Randy Moss take on the Cardinals who are stuck playing QB roulette. Which is not unlike Russian Roulette as the old saying is true, if you have two quarterbacks you don’t have any. Meanwhile, Brett Favre coming off a devastating chin injury bravely takes the field and waves his magic to earn the Vikings a win to keep their playoff hopes alive.


Giants 24 Seahawks 10

Since 1981, Seattle has been a place of horrors for the Giants as they have not won a single game in five trips. This includes a loss in 1986 when the Giants were 14-2. If healthy with the 2th man the Giants would have been in trouble again. However, with Charlie Whitehurst starting at quarterback the Seahawks are going to have a tough time, as the Giants defense has been eating quarterbacks for breakfast just ask Jay Cutler and Tony Romo.


Raiders 34 Chiefs 17

The Chiefs and the Raiders matter again for the first time in years, as the Silver and Black can get back over .500 with a win. Right now no team is hotter than the Raiders who have scored 92 points the last two weeks. Look for them to stay hot as Darren McFadden will run around the Chiefs all day, as playing on the road has been a problem so far for the Chiefs.


Colts 28 Eagles 24

The Eagles will start Michael Vick at quarterback, but have Kevin Kolb ready to go if the ribs are still a problem. Both have played well when give the chance, but neither is Peyton Manning. The Colts are a funny team this year, they have the look of a team that can either sink with all their injuries catching up to them, or swim to another Super Bowl thanks to the play of Manning. This week it will be more Manning magic as the Colts MVP pulls one out of the fire late.


Packers 31 Cowboys 7

Do Cowboys surrender? In the movies a Cowboy never gave up the fight to save the ranch. This year’s NFL Cowboys have raised the white flag and are stuck in the fetal position after losing QB Tony Romo. Not that they were playing well with Romo. The Packers meanwhile have survived a rash of injuries and are playing well especially on defense. Don’t be shocked if this game also ends with a shutout as the Packers shovel more dirt on the 2010 Cowboys season.


Steelers 24 Bengals 13

What a difference a year makes two years ago the Steelers won the Super Bowl, but failed to make the playoffs last season. One of those things that got in the way for the Steelers was the play of Bengals who swept the AFC North last year. This year it is the Bengals looking for answers. Not good to play the Steelers looking for answers, especially with an offense that is out of sync like the Bengals are.