Pennsylvania continues to break records with 793.7 million dollars wagered on sports in January

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Unsurprisingly, sports betting has taken fans by storm, as the legalization of sports betting sweeps over the nation. Still, the overwhelming success of sports betting is far greater than anyone could have expected, especially in Pennsylvania where sports bettors broke the record with bets worth 793.7 million dollars.

January was certainly a lucrative month for the sportsbooks of Pennsylvania. January was their second-best month with a revenue of 53.4 million dollars. It is obvious that the citizens of Pennsylvania love sports betting, but will the success of Pennsylvania’s success continue?

Why people in Pennsylvania love betting on sports

The numbers speak for themselves: People in Pennsylvania love sports betting. But why? What makes sports betting more successful in Pennsylvania than in other states? One reason might be that sports play a big role in the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Both cities are very passionate about sports and harbor some of the best teams within football, baseball, and basketball. Naturally, the sports fans of Pennsylvania are very passionate about sports. It is therefore not at all surprising that the fans are passionate about sports betting as well.

The 76’ers are off to a great start

When a team is doing well, it is noticed by sports bettors and sportsbooks alike. For instance, the Philadelphia 76’ers were off to a great start over the weekend with a win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. The debut of James Harden has been very successful and makes for a promising NBA season for the 76’ers. Although the people of Pennsylvania are already ardent sports bettors, people may be even more, if the sports teams of Pennsylvania continue to be successful. The state might even see an increase of bets placed on the 76’ers in the upcoming NBA season, continuing the record-breaking success of Pennsylvania. 

If you are interested in betting on the Philadelphia 76’ers or another team, you can read about NBA betting here. Even if your favorite team seems to be winning, make sure you don’t favor one team over another. Your favorite team is not likely to win all of their matches. When it comes to sports betting, you must make decisions with your head rather than your heart, and you must be ready to bet against the team you support. Make sure you understand the world of sports betting before you place your first bet. It is a good idea to choose one sport to bet on. Once you feel like you know everything you need to know, you can start betting and have fun! 

Learn more about the NBA

If basketball is the sport you have chosen, click here to learn more about the NBA teams. Read up on as much as you can about the sport, so you will be ready to challenge the bookmakers. Become an expert in the field and it will be easier for you to make the right choices.