Ranking the Best NBA Teams by Watchability in the 2021-2022 Season

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These franchises and their top players are giving fans incredible basketball content this season 

Basketball is a member of the ‘Big Four’ sports collection for many reasons, and its high entertainment value is undoubtedly one of them. Games, especially those in the pros, are fast-paced and high-scoring, with the entire outcome able to be altered at a second’s notice. Although there are a total of 30 different organizations that make up the NBA, a select few squads are serving up some great TV this year. As the playoff season looms closer with each passing week, we thought it’d be fun to rank the best teams by watchability, or those organizations that even non-basketball fans would be interested in tuning into.

Golden State Warriors

First up is the Golden State Warriors, a team that has always been one to watch, but has elevated its position this year thanks to point guard Stephen Curry’s unbelievable scoring record which boasts a whopping 26 points per game. Not to mention the Warriors superstar made history this December, becoming the league’s all-time leading three-point scorer with a career total of 3,000. The whole team is exciting to watch, but Curry’s incredibly long-range and scoring successes make Warriors games the best in basketball biz. Additionally, Klay Thompson’s long-awaited comeback after more than two years away from the court adds an extra dimension to both the Warrior’s roster and the fan viewing experience.

Brooklyn Nets

It’s hard to find something boring about the Brooklyn Nets, a team that has had arguably the most talented basketball player in the league on their side since 2019, Kevin Durant. Even with the recent news of Durant’s injury leave, the franchise is still maintaining their position in the Eastern Conference and expert NBA betting odds have them listed as top contenders for a finals title this year. Although the two-time champion will most likely be out for at least one month, his teammates James Harden and Kyle Irving are picking up the slack and make for some great basketball in the process. The two create a scoring rhythm that is difficult to see replicated in other franchises gameplays. For example, in a recent matchup against the Spurs, the duo combined for 26 points in just the fourth quarter, leaving their opponents stunned and defeated 117-102. Even as Durant recovers, fans have much to look forward to in future Nets face offs.

Milwaukee Bucks 

You already knew last year’s championship winners wouldn’t be left off this list. The Milwaukee Buck’s power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, better known as the ‘Greek Freak’, is only getting better with time, especially as he rides off the Finals win that saw the Bucks receive a Larry O’ Brien Championship trophy for the first time since 1971. Also, since the franchise’s roster has largely stayed the same since last season, it’s the same type of intense basketball action fans crave. Although they are currently behind the Bulls and Nets in their conference with a record of 30-19, there is still plenty of time left to watch the Bucks rise above the competition ahead of the post season.

Who is your favorite NBA team to watch live or on the big screen at home?

Denver Nuggets 

The Nuggets are such a joy to watch in the NBA all because of big man Nikola Jokic. A highly proficient and creative passer, the three-time All-Star and 2021 MVP leads in both offensive and defensive plays without struggle. Because of his incredible 6-foot-11 stature, watching him grace the court is nothing short of amazing. Any moment that involves Jokic is sure to be a memorable one. Not to mention the talented player is even entertaining to watch off the court; they don’t call him ‘The Joker’ for nothing! With a few months standing between the Nuggs must continue to push past other opponents in the East like the Mavs and the Jazz. Even despite Jokic’s incredible playing history, the Nuggets have yet to win a finals championship, so if they are in fact able to pull ahead this year it would mean the world to players and fans alike.