Road to the Playoffs: Favorites to Win the NBA Play-In Games

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Taking part in the NBA playoffs is one of the most outstanding achievements for any NBA team. The playoffs bring the teams a step closer to winning the coveted title. With the title comes bragging rights and supremacy over the Eastern and Western Conferences. 


Each conference has teams with the eight best records participating in the playoffs. Some teams have already made it to the playoffs, but some notable names are yet to qualify. They must participate in the play-in games to qualify for the final two playoff spots. Which are these teams, and what are their odds of making the playoffs? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors will face the New Orleans Pelicans in the play-in game. The winner of this game advances as the number seven seed, while the loser will play the winner between the Lakers and Thunders for the number eight seed position. 


The Warriors have won 3 NBA championships in the last eight years. They come in as a powerhouse, and sports betting Zambia has them as favorites to win this bout. They have the king of three-pointers, Stephen Curry, who is expected to propel the team to the playoffs.

Toronto Raptors 

The Raptors will take on the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference play-in-game. They are currently the number nine seed in the East. They have had some ups and down in what seemed to be a mediocre season. The addition of Jakob Poeltl has helped turn the team in the right direction. A win over the Bulls will prove to be crucial. The winner of this bout takes on the loser of the Miami Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks for the 8th seed position.

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks will face Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference play-in-game. The winner of this game advances to the number seven seed position. The loser plays the winner of the Raptors vs. Bulls for the number eight seed position. 


The team has had injuries throughout the season, which has accounted for the current rotations. As a result, the Hawks haven’t been playing their best game yet. However, they boast having Trae Young in the midst, who has had impressive stats this season. Going towards the NBA all-star break, they had a record of 5-8 in 13 games. They might beat the odds, bounce back in the play-in-game, and make it to the playoffs. If you’re rooting for them, you can leverage the favorable odds that betway has for them and place a wager in their favour.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are one of the most decorated NBA teams. The missing out on the playoffs came as a surprise. Betway has them as the favorites to win their play-in-game against the Oklahoma City Thunders. The winner of this game advances to the elimination match with the loser of Warriors vs. Pelicans for the number 8 seed position. 


The Lakers have King Lebron James in their starting lineup. His experience and winning mentality will come in handy to propel them to the NBA. According to the most recent predictions, they have a 48% chance of making the playoffs and a 1% chance of winning the NBA Finals. 

In Summation

The teams participating in the play-in games can qualify for the playoffs, and they command great odds on betway. Some big names that had missed out now have a chance of redeeming themselves. Making it to the NBA finals is the ultimate goal for these teams. We can’t know for sure which teams will prevail and which will be eliminated, but we can expect that these fixtures will be exhilarating.