Single game sports betting

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USA is moving towards single game sports betting, and here is why baseball can be your best bet

United Kingdom had been dealing with the problem of sports betting for a long time. It was illegal under the law of the land which means all the revenue generated from the industry went to the bookies and the bettors. But in the 1970s some wise parliamentarians saw an opportunity to capitalise on this commercial gold mine by legalizing sports betting.

The USA took almost half a century to realize the contribution sports betting can make to the Government’s economy. Online sport betting was also getting bigger every day. Finally, in 2018 the US Supreme Court struck down a law which criminalized sports betting and thus paved the way for sportsbook to operate legally in the country.

The legal regime in the US is still very complex given each state has the power to make their own laws. Moreover, single game sport betting is still not legal nationally. But three states including Delaware, New Jersey, and Las Vegas allows for it. The move has reaped massive dividends for the three states, particularly Delaware, in terms of contribution to the economy.

Baseball attracts the biggest number in terms of sports betting. Punters also consider baseball as the best sport to earn money, let us see why.

It is highly unpredictable

Let us look at one of the lesser surprising results of the last season to put things in context.The Philadelphia Phillies were up against the lowly New York Mets in the doubleheader.The Phillies were hands on favourite to win the fixture given they were leading the Eastern Division at the time. Eventually they did win the match.

From a betting perspective the one element about baseball which makes it highly unpredictable is pitching. It is important that your team’s pitching is on point because a widely held notion is that it can affect the outcome of the game. It has now become a norm for teams to field a different starting pitcher in every game. So regardless of how much you have scouted your opponent what happens in the opening stages of play goes on to decide the result.

You will have access to pre-match odds, stats, etc. but all that is irrelevant if you fail to take pitching into consideration. Therefore punters also believe that baseball is the best sports to earn money by betting. So without further ado get into the game and enjoy baseball bettingto earn some good cash.

Online sports betting on Baseball is increasing

It was only in June last year that Delaware started baseball betting, closely followed by New Jersey. Many seasoned punters thought that once the football season begins it will attract most of the betting activity. But things turned out to be pretty different.

Of the US$ 7mn spent on sports betting in Delaware baseball accounted for a massive seventy-five percent. One of the main reasons behind this trend is that baseball offers a lot of options to bet on. For e.g. there is money line and run line bets and numerous prop bets too.