Why Casitabi is a popular online casino

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Why Casitabi is a popular online casino

casitabi is a Japanese gambling website offering a plethora of slot-based games which, has a slight little twist with each different type of slots games they offer. But why is casitabi so popular? Well it’s precisely the little twists and level of care in which they insert into every lovingly and carefully designed game which they offer. The games have an intricate and smooth animation with a cool and fun little 3-minute-long animation which can be found by clicking Casitabi previously; they showcase all the cool slot games and other attractions of the website.

The slots all individually have their own little niche ranging from the modern slots which you can find in a casino which gives a handsome reward no matter which rows are filled with pairs, to the good old classic slot machines which you would expect in a busy and extravagant casino in Las Vegas. Each slot game also has its own little design style which makes you feel like your there all from the screens on your electronic devices. The screens act like a mini handheld portal transporting you right to the location of the themed casinos.

The themes range all the way from the gloomy setting of an old western bar all the way back to ancient japan making you feel like an ancient prince with sacks and sacks of gold. The cool themes add something new and animates the entirety of the experience bringing something new to the casino experience as you are given a break from the cheap looking gold and red velvet slot machines at a bar. Furthermore, the fact that the slot games are themed gives Casitabi a differencing factor which separates it from other online casinos which, try to imitate the same old boring drab look of a red and velvet slot machine that can be found at any cheap bar. On top of this Casitabi offers a cool soundtrack and sound effects to even further difference itself and allow for even more entertainment during your games here.

What else makes Casitabi so popular?  Well besides the extra quirky and niche features such as the music and themed rooms Casitabi also offers something much more. Much, much more. It offers game changing mechanics such as boosts and bonuses which, boosts your earnings with things such as superpowers. These mechanics are common is Japanese casinos but bringing it to the international community is unprecedented and offers even more superior fun visible even just by watching a video on it; plus, extra cash earnings for any one is a benefit to anyone.  Another feature which makes Casitabi so popular is the fact that it was the winner of the 2016 EGR awards which, gives players and extra sense of security whilst playing on this website as the EGR awards are only handed out to the most ethical and law-abiding companies.

So, the fact the Casitabi is an ethical company, offering game changing benefits in a carefully and intricately designed game is why the website is so popular. Why don’t you find out more about these benefits and experience the benefits for yourself? If you do; good luck and have fun.