What to look for in a good pair of Golf Shoes

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What to look for in a good pair of Golf Shoes

Golf is a funny old game, isn’t it? We can all go from feeling like a hero to feeling like absolute zero in the blink of an eye; one slice off the tee and our rounds could be ruined. I know for a fact that my temper on the golf course is shocking, and I’m definitely the only one. In moments like this, we feel like Jordan Speith during his famous collapse at the 2016 Masters- like a total failure. However, at least Speith looked the part, and that’s what we’re here to talk about today. No matter how bad we play, we can still make sure we look and feel like a great golfer. That’s why golf shoes are so important, especially in today’s golfing climate. So how do you make sure you pick out a top pair of golf shoes? Read on to find out.

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The first thing you need to consider with golf shoes is how comfortable they’ll actually be when you wear them. It’s all well and good choosing the flashiest pair in the shop, but if you can’t walk in them it’ll all be for nothing. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to change shoe mid-round due to blisters, and I really don’t want you to go through the same ordeal. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to simply get down to whatever shop you’re buying from and try on a few different pairs. Walk around the shop with them and practice a few swings with each pair on. You may feel like a bit of an idiot, but you’d rather be safe than sorry and have to limp up to the 13th tee as I did.

Of course, your shoes looking the part is also a big factor when you’re choosing a pair. Once you’ve established a few different pairs that are comfortable enough for you to play in, you can move on to selecting which pair will look best on you whilst you play. Carefully consider which kinds of golfing outfits you play in; if you wear trousers mostly, make sure the colour of your shoes suits the colour of these trousers- we don’t want you standing out like a sore thumb in the middle of the green. Comfort and appearance are two of the most important things to consider with golf shoes.

The actual performance of the shoes you choose is also vital. This is where you’ll probably have to ask people like your club pro
and shop workers about the benefits each pair of shoes will bring to your game. These guys are the real experts and will know everything there is to know about the shoes you want to buy. On the other hand, you could simply go online and read a bunch of online reviews for different shoes. This is easier than actually going down to your local shop, and will give you an actual user description of different shoes. All of this will help you formulate a well-rounded opinion on the best shoes and will give you a better chance of buying some great golf shoes.