Teams You Should Look Out for in Super Bowl LV

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As we all know, not all teams are created equal, which means that their odds to win can be far apart. There are teams that consistently have a chance to win the Super Bowl, the average teams who are struggling to reach it, and the teams that, for one reason or another, always have the Super Bowl out of reach. Players and coaching staff are constantly changing, and sometimes, they can be the topic for prop betting.

However, this decade has been the steadiest the league has ever been in quarterbacks and head coach positions. But, since the pandemic struck earlier this year, the offseason has been ultimately canceled, leaving everyone to wonder how the teams handled this situation. This unprecedented circumstance might have affected the NFL, but the teams themselves have coped and made emergency plans for the upcoming seasons.

However, since a lot of players are pulling out, the teams that are always in the top bracket are tight in their positions. It also seems that the same teams that are on the Super Bowl 54 this early 2020 will still be the same teams who will duke it out in Super Bowl 55. Because of this, it will be a close fight this February. Hence, here are the teams that you should look out for in Super Bowl 55.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are slated to be a part of this list because of the effective offensive scheme they showed last year. It has even been labeled as one of the most ingenious passing and rushing offenses in the last season.

Not only that but with his experience with their team offense last season, Lamar Jackson will even be better at passing. Also, the Baltimore Ravens have a built-in advantage with their defense with players like Derek Wolfe and Calais Campbell.

Green Bay Packers

Even though the decision of the team to draft Jordan Love in the team isn’t the reason Aaron Rodgers is playing at a high level recently, fans of the team disagree. In fact, he is actually playing in an MVP caliber and it makes a lot of people speculate that this season will be another MVP in the bag, which will make it his third MVP award in his Hall of Fame career.

It’s not only Aaron Rodgers, though, as wideout Davante Adams and Aaron Jones are on a hot streak and there is no sign of them stopping in their offensive plays. On the defensive side, Darnell Savage Jr. and Adrian Amos are a huge threat for any team that stands in their way.

New Orleans Saints

Although Drew Brees isn’t in his 100% this season due to his still healing rib injury, his level of play is starting to get back to its MVP caliber last season. Even with minor setbacks, Drew Brees is still able to do a 12-4 record despite not having Michael Thomas for the most part of this season. His return might be coming sooner though since he is not attending practices, although in a limited fashion.

Once Michael Thomas gets back in  the team, he will be once again a threat to opposing teams since he will be well-rested and prolific like last season. Not to mention that there’s still Alvin Kamara, which makes him and Thomas dual-threat running backs.

The only question regarding Kamara is if he will be activated from the COVID/Reserve list when the battle with the Bears finally comes. If Thomas and Kamara go back in the team at the right time, the Saints will most likely to win their battle against the Bears.

Los Angeles Rams

The favorites to win the Super Bowl 54 during this time last year were the Los Angeles Rams. However, they didn’t deliver when it mattered the most. One of the biggest reasons for their failure was because of Sean McVay having a lot of issues when dealing with his team and his lack of skill when it comes to taking over.

Kansas City Chiefs

Of course, the one and the only team you should look out for in Super Bowl 55 is the Kansas City Chiefs? And of course, our main guy for the list will be Patrick Mahomes. Currently, he is the best quarterback in both the last season and the current. Deshaun Watson comes next, followed by Russel Wilson. However, they might be great quarterbacks, but their teams are playoff teams.

It’s not just Mahomes, though, as you also have Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce to catch his passes.


And there you have it. These are the teams that you have to watch out for in Super Bowl 55. Yes, it’s predictable, but can these teams stay consistent with their players and plays that they can guarantee to go to the Super Bowl? The fight between them will be fierce, and even if the Chiefs are leading, there’s still time before Super Bowl 55.