The Best Online Casino Games to Try Today

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Online casino gaming is rapidly picking up steam. Many people who would never normally think of trying it are experiencing it for the first time and having a blast into the bargain. Why might this be the case? Well, since everyone is stuck indoors thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, now is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby that’s based entirely on things you can do indoors. That’s one of the reasons, of course, but there are plenty of others. Online casinos offer a wide range of games that you can check out, so there’s something for everyone. Here are the best online casino games for you to try today. Please do make sure that you pick the right site to play these games on; sites such as are the perfect place to start.


Online poker

If you look around enough, you’ll find plenty of websites that are offering the chance to try out some online poker. You might not think this game would work particularly well online, but you’d be mistaken, especially in cases where sites offer live poker dealers. In many cases, online poker sites become much more about the game itself rather than the participants, which makes for a decidedly different but no less exciting game of poker. If you’re in the market for something exciting and you want to give online poker a try, do so today – you won’t be disappointed.



Absolute beginners to the world of online casino gaming should start here. Slot machines are the ultimate expression of casino gaming as a concept; they don’t require any physical exertion whatsoever, and since you’re playing online, even the small amount of movement required is minimised. Slot machines often use flashy visuals and sound effects to entice you to play more, too, so if you’re a fan of licensed properties like The Simpsons or Hollywood movies like The Avengers, you’ll find slot machines based on those properties to check out.


Blackjack / 21

Depending on where you live, this card game is either known as blackjack or 21. It has a number of other names, too, because there are also regional card games that are known as blackjack. In essence, you’re trying to reach a total of 21 points with your cards in this game, and the closer you get to 21, the better you’ll do. Each card has a different value, and if you go over 21 when you draw a card, you’ll go bust. Strategically, blackjack is all about trying to get as close to 21 as possible without going over, so you’ll need to make important decisions about when to stick and when to twist. This is what makes each game so exciting.



Unlike many other online casino games, craps is played with dice. You’re watching the outcome of the dice for certain number combinations, and if you attain those combinations then you’ll win. Again, there isn’t much skill involved in playing craps; it’s all about gaming the system and understanding what the probability is of you getting certain outcomes from play to play. Craps is a good game for intermediate gamblers, as it does require a certain amount of strategy in order to come out on top, but it’s not as demanding as poker.



The beauty and elegance of a good roulette table is unparalleled in the world of online casino gaming. In this game, the croupier – that’s the word for roulette dealer – casts a ball into a spinning wheel. The ball will land on a certain number and colour combination – either red or black – and you’ll win or lose based on what kind of bet you placed. Roulette is well-known for its low-stakes-high-stakes play; you can either bet entirely on red or black, in which case your bet comes out at fifty-fifty (if the table has no zero), or you can choose to specify and risk everything for a higher payout.



When talking about the biggest games in online casino gaming, baccarat often doesn’t get a look-in, but that’s unfortunate because it’s actually great fun to play and usually has a fairly high chance of paying out. The rules are pretty simple; each round, either you have the highest hand, the banker has the highest hand, or it’s a tie. Of course, there are other rules besides these, but that’s the fundamental idea of baccarat and it’s what makes the game so easy to understand. If you can find a great site that offers baccarat, you’re quids in – quite literally.



Keno was first played in Ancient China and was a lottery game people used to play in order to shore up funds for government projects. It’s been revived in the modern day, and it’s just as addictive and fun as it’s ever been. The rules are pretty simple: Keno effectively boils down to “pick a number” or “pick a series of numbers”, and if you’re right about the numbers that are chosen, you win your bet. There are, of course, a series of different bets you can effect, but that’s the fundamental idea behind keno, and it’s an addictive and fun game that many casinos are starting to offer with greater frequency.