The Best Sports Journalists Of 2020

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Below we have compiled a list of some of the best sports journalists that 2020 had to offer from across all parts of the United States and covering a variety of different sports and sporting events.


Dana Jacobson (@danajacobson)

Although she is based out of New York City, Dana is still a huge fan of all of the sports teams that hail out of her home city of Detroit. Currently, she works as a TV based news and sports correspondent for the national network, CBS. In addition to this, Dana also hosts the TV show ‘This Morning’ every Saturday. In her role at CBS, she covers a wide range of sports that include soccer, football, and basketball. She has almost 80,000 followers on Twitter.


Carolina Guillen (@caroguillenTV)

Carolina made her debut in the world of sports journalism back in 2002. Since then, she has gone on to become one of the most respected and admired reporters in the entire industry. The native of Venezuela currently works for ESPN but does also have several other impressive positions on her CV. Her main focus is on tennis and soccer, which she covers at both domestic and international level. Tweeting in her native tongue of Spanish, Carolina has built up a substantial online following of almost 775,000 people.


Paul Klee (@bypaulklee)

Denver’s Paul Klee graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Communication and Media Studies. He now finds himself at The Gazette newspaper in Denver as a sports columnist. Mainly covering the NBA and NFL, Paul has made a name for himself from his investigative journalism and his in depth interviews with some of the sports biggest names. Other sports that he covers include fly fishing, ice hockey, and baseball. He has a small but dedicated following on Twitter of slightly under 9,000 followers.


Gregg Bell (@gbellseattle)

Having graduated from the UC Berkeley School of Journalism, Gregg has become the writer of the Seahawks best for The News Tribune. In doing this, he has established himself as an oracle of information for anything relating to the Pacific Northwest based football team. Having previously written for the Associated Press, Gregg also has a wide knowledge on many other sports, including basketball, baseball, and ice hockey. His popularity has seen him build up a following on twitter of more than 38,000 individuals.


Kenny Albert (@KennyAlbert)

When it comes to sports reporting, Kenny Albert is one of the best recognized faces given the fact that he currently works for not only Fox Sports, but also NBC and the MSG Network. His wide knowledge and appreciation of all major sports saw him become the first sports reporter in history to provide play by play coverage of each of the major sports leagues – NHL, MLB, NFL, and NBA. In addition to this, Kenny also covers athletics and has provided coverage for both winter and summer olympics, as well as many of the major annual golfing events. On Twitter, he has just over 57,000 followers.