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The NBA draft night marked the beginning of the new NBA season, one which has more narratives than the media can keep up with.


The coronavirus did not just put an abrupt pause on everything basketball, but in the words of every true fan out there, it changed the game. The imposed Covid-19 break inspired some of the biggest changes in the NBA from an organisation to an individual player standpoint. Some had a much needed rest out of the blue, others fine tuned the areas of their game that needed polishing, front offices had uninterrupted time to make plans, decisions, and their projections. Fans were driven to near insanity with rumours and teasers, while members of the betting sites ltd category found different ways to get both action and entertainment.


The Lakers are defending champions, but there were too many cliffhangers, promises, foretellers of what could be the most competitive and anticipated season in recent history. These days it seems every team is building its roster around star duos to lead them to the postseason, starting with the Brooklyn Nets and their canons Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Amongst the best players and purest scorers of the modern NBA, Irving and Durant shocked the NBA world with their move before the start of last season, but with KD sidelined with an Achilles injury, both men and the fans had to wait for the upcoming season to finally see that duo. If they can play with any kind of consistency and chemistry, the Nets would be near unstoppable and must-see TV. Even though they won the championship, the Lakers will always be a team in the spotlight as long as LeBron James is in LA.


After honoring Kobe Bryant in the best way possible, the upcoming season will be an opportunity for the Lakers to show it was not just a fluke and they are back as the NBA’s most legendary team. As for the Golden State Warriors, after three titles in the last five years and constant postseason appearances, the team slumped to the worse record in the NBA last season with main men Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. The superstar sharpshooters surely heard all the talk about them being finished or not being able to challenge for a title anymore and are just burning to get back on the court. The Los Angeles Clippers have Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, two of the league’s most noteworthy defenders and will be aching with motivation to prove everyone wrong after and epic flop in last season’s playoffs.


This is just a tip of the iceberg list of teams that go into the season with a narrative, and a chop on their shoulder. What is certain is that both conferences will be more balanced for the first time in a long while, and there will be no shortage of entertainment.