The NFL Season and News

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The 101st NFL season is a few months in and it’s hotting up, here we round up the latest news from around the nation. Starting with of course the 2021 NFL Free-Agency window, which officially begins at 4 p.m. ET on 17th March. More than half of the teams in the league are expected to be active and at least hit the market for a quarterback. And there are some big names that will be available to sign up.

The Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins want to add to offense in particular at wide receiver. Tampa Bay’s Chris Godwin and Houston’s Will Fuller are two of the targets for the Dolphins in this window.

The New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have big gaps in their team to fill after some injuries and departures. Catchers such as Chris Godwin, Allen Robinson II and Kenny Golladay are available and would improve the Patriots. Elsewhere tight ends like Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith could add some much-needed grunt in the middle of the field. The big target will be the quarterback and its likely to be Cam Newton who is free in this coming agency window.

The Chicago Bears

Allen Robinson II is at Chicago Bears, and they have a job on their hands to keep him. They also need a quarterback and with a low budget in their salaries they may have to use Allen to make weight. If the Bears are unable to land a big-name quarterback, they will be looking for cheaper veterans like Alex Smith, Andy Dalton or Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are contending with the new reduced salary cap and trying to capture a big-name quarterback, Jameis Winston is probably the Saints’ top priority because Drew Bees retires at the end of this season. But as well as acquisitions they have to prioritize keeping defensive end Trey Hendrickson, there since 2017 and Safety Marcus Williams, both are pending free agents who will have many of the big teams circling. Read more in this ESPN article.

The salary cap introduced by the league is an effort to stem the march towards overheating and excessive debt, problems the NFL has been beset with esp post war, as it led to many teams overstretching and becoming defunct. Did you know these teams that went out of business or collapsed from lack of players see this article.

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More News

In other news, Maia Chaka is set to blaze a trail for women by becoming the first Black woman in league history to be added to the NFL’s refereeing staff.

The home of the Atlanta Falcons will become a Covid-19 Vaccine center and will allow up to 6,000 shots to be administered per day. This brings the total of stadiums provided by the NFL for vaccine facilities to 15. The White House’s Press Office announced this on the 5th March and its welcome news to the residents of Georgia who need a well-known and central place they can visit for protection. The Mercedes Benz has the space and facilities to allow medical staff to roll out more vaccines to a neighborhood that has been hit hard by the pandemic.