Top 5 NBA Championship Contenders This Season

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Very soon the 76th season of the NBA is going to start and fans are eagerly expecting to see their favorite players on the basketball court. The last season will definitely go down in history as one of the worst seasons ever, because of everything that transpired back in 2020. Now we must look ahead and remember that those days are in the past. We have a lot to look forward to and of course, speculate who will win this time around. So, let’s see which of the teams are most likely to take the trophy home this time around.

Odds According to Casinos and Sportsbook Operators

Since people tend to be really biased when it comes to evaluating the quality of the team, we must rely on data that is more objective. Luckily, we have those algorithms that are constantly used by sports betting operators. Although these are not perfect they still provide valuable insight Nowadays, you can play slots, poker, or other games on any new online casino Canada, and at the same time place bets on NBA games. You can also claim bonuses, and use them for either casino games or sports wagers. So, let’s see who are the top five teams according to these odds.


  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Clippers


Since listing them like this is meaningless, we will give a short overview of each team.



According to Forbes, the Lakers rank 3rd on the list of most valuable NBA teams, right behind the Knicks and Warriors. LeBron is one of the greatest players of all time and he plays alongside Anthony Davis who is currently one of the best defensive players. Also, they are currently in the lead so there is really no reason to explain why statistically they seem to be most likely to win this season. Of course, anything can happen once the season starts, and at the end of the day, these are just odds. That being said, it feels like the Lakers were always among the best teams, so they are pretty consistent when it comes to great plays.


The Nets are another serious contender and they are likely to conquer the East. They also have a formidable defense and overall amazing team synergy. The only problem is the question of who will close the games and lead them to victory?


The Milwaukee Bucks are a solid guess for the finalist and they have Giannis Antentokouhmp who has a good chance to become an MVP this season as well. He really has the potential to lead the bucks all the way to the finals and they also have Jrue Holiday on their team. They are only behind the Lakers due to net rating, which means the match between these two is really unpredictable.

Golden State Warriors

Another team with lots of talent on board, and as mentioned they are worth slightly more compared to the Lakers. Their 3 core players are Klay Thompson,  Stephen Curry, and Draymond Green, and so long as these 3 are on the team wonders can happen. Of course, in terms of odds, they really lag behind the other 3 entries.



Even if the odds place them at the bottom of this top 5 we should always remember that the Clippers can pose a serious threat to the Lakers. Although they did not look their best at the end of last season, tides can easily change. Many hope that the Clippers will actually start to dominate this season.


These are some of the current top picks. That being said the list will likely shift since it’s really a tight race between the Clippers, Suns, and 76ers. The Nets and Lakers have seemingly locked in the top spot, but we will have to see how this list will look at the end of October.