Top 5 NHL Players of All Times

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Hockey is a sport popular worldwide. It has even more fans than online casino sites. The NHL is the most well-known league, and these players are the greatest and motivate the highest number of young athletes.  

Wayne Gretzky, Canada

He is a central forward and one of the most famous and respected athletes of the last century. This talented man holds the majority of NHL records in goals, assists, and points. Gretzky owns 61 individual records in the league. 

Bobby Orr, Canada

A legendary Canadian defenseman played the major part of his career for the Boston Bruins. During his NHL career, he has won the Stanley Cup twice, won James Norris Trophy eight times in a row, won three Hart Trophies and became the all-time leading scorer twice, winning the Art Ross Trophy which no other defenseman before or after him had ever managed. Although he always acted as a defensive player, he could connect to the attack and had superior speed. It allowed him to return to the defense in time, avoiding lapses. Besides, he often made his trademark runs with the puck from one end of the court to the other, outplaying all his opponents and scoring a goal along the way. According to many experts, Bobby Orr shaped the modern idea of how a defenseman should play hockey.

Gordie Howe, Canada

This professional hockey player is one of the best right-wing wingers in the history of the NHL. He had one of the longest careers in sports. During his long career, he won the Stanley Cup four times, the Art Ross Trophy six times, and the Hart Trophy six times. Also, he took part in the NBA All-Star Game 23 times.

Mario Lemieux, Canada

He is a central forward, one of the most talented hockey players in Canadian hockey history, known for his courage. Throughout his NHL career he played for the Pittsburgh Penguins, with whom he won two Stanley Cups. He also won a number of personal honorary trophies such as three Hart Memorial Trophies, six Art Ross Trophies, two Conn Smythe Trophies, four Lester Pearson Awards and one Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy. He also won the Calder Trophy in his league debut season. In the regular NHL seasons, he played 915 games and scored 1,723 points, scoring 690 goals. 

Maurice Richard, Canada

Canadian hockey and NHL legend who played in the NHL for 16 seasons. He played for only Montreal Canadiens throughout his professional career and became the first hockey player in NHL history to score 50 goals in his first 50 games. He finished his career as the best hockey player in league history with 544 pucks, a Hart Trophy winner and a participant in thirteen All-Star Games. In one game, he stabbed an opponent with his stick and then beat up a referee who tried to stop him.