Top Five Greatest Basketball Players of All Time

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Besides football, another popular sport in the world is basketball. The sport has been around since 1946 and has seen great athletes win several awards. As it is with football games, basketball lovers argue about the best basketball player of all time. However, to truly determine who the greatest players are, you need to consider some factors.

The factors you need to consider are the era they played, their stats, and the players’ strength and weakness. You’ll often find that the better and higher ranking players have better odds at betting sites, although the potential win isn’t always as massive as the potential jackpots when you play Euromillion online. We will be exploring our top five basketball players in this article.

Michael Jordan


Micheal Jordan is one of the best basketball players that has won several titles in the game. He played for the Chicago Bull and played the position of shooting guard for the team. In one of the biggest finals in the NBA, Jordan went a perfect 6-to-6 and clinched the competition’s MVP award. Some of the greatest achievements of the basketball legend are Defensive Player of the Year, the MVP, an NBA scoring title. He won all these awards in the 1988 season.

LeBron James


Another prominent player in the basketball world is LeBron James. He came into the league as a teenager, fresh from high school. Many people named him “The Chosen One”, who will overthrow Micheal Jordan as the greatest basketball player in history. One of the achievements of James is that he single-handedly took a weak 2007 Cleveland Cavaliers to the finals. He won the Finals MVP and the NBA championship four times in his career.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is an outstanding player who dominated the game in the 2000s. He played with the Los Angeles Lakers and scored 5,640 points in 220 playoffs. Throughout his 20 years in the NBA, he won five championships and two Finals MVP awards in 2009 and 2010. Undoubtedly, Kobe Bryant had an amazing run throughout his NBA career.

Bill Russell

Bill Russell is another exceptional basketball player that has worked the face of the earth. Bill helped Celtics win 11 championships in his 13 seasons. Besides winning the championship, he won the NCAA championship two times in 1955 and 1956. Russell is undoubtedly one of the greatest defenders and shot blockers of all time. Two of his biggest achievements are winning five league MVP and 11 NBA championships.

Tim Duncan

“The Big Fundamental”, as everyone calls Tim Duncan, is also one of the biggest NBA players of all time. He helped the San Antonio Spurs to win four NBA championships and also won three Finals MVPs. One interesting fact about Duncan is that he is efficient both defensively and offensively on the pitch. Throughout his career, he won five NBA championships, two league MVP and three Finals MVP.


Overall, we have been able to pick our top five great basketball players in history. The first player on our list is Micheal Jordan. The NBA superstar had an impressive run with his team – Chicago Bull and won several awards. Some of his accomplishments include six Finals MVP, six NBA Championship and the Hall of Fame Award.LeBron James is another prolific NBA player that had an impressive run at his peak. He won four Finals MVP, four NBA Championships and four League MVPs.