Top Strategies in Sports Betting

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Wagering on sports is really straightforward, and even a newbie can understand the basics within 5 minutes. If you want to bet casually then you don’t need to think about it too hard. Just pick the team you think will win or another outcome that might be available as a betting option. However, if you want to approach this more strategically, you can put more thought into it, and either improve your odds or simply improve the potential reward. So, let’s see what are some of the common strategies you can implement when you decide to bet on sports next time.

Use Sportsbook Bonuses and Promos

This one is really a no-brainer, and you should go for it even if you want to bet casually. With promos and bonuses, you get the chance to gamble risk-free. All you need to do is look over the available Pennsylvania sportsbook promos, and decide which one to claim first. In fact, you can claim multiple bonuses to get the most value for your buck. Of course, you shouldn’t just pick an operator based on its welcome bonus. You should examine other factors:

. Wagering requirements

. Other promotions (Cashback bonus is great for regular bettors)

. Loyalty program and rewards

. Payment information (minimum deposit, withdrawal, available payment methods, and processing time)

If you ever come across no deposit bonuses, or bonuses without wagering requirements, you should definitely claim those offers. These are real freebies and they might be available for certain sports events when operators want to get as many users as possible.

Arbitrage Bets

When people talk about sports betting strategies they mainly refer to arbitrage betting or arbs.  The idea is to take advantage of the fact that operators have varying odds on the same sports events. This allows bettors to win or at least break even, regardless of the outcome. This is possible due to how the algorithm and the odds work. If more players are opting for one outcome, the algorithm needs to adjust the odds to boost the sales of the other outcome. This is why even if starting odds are the same they can drastically change as the event draws closer.

However, bookies can actually track this as well, which means they can identify users who are constantly placing arbs. So, if you overdo it they will ban you. In 2016 there was a betting scheme by Winning Express that offered these certain returns.  They were heavily relying on arbitrage to convince investors that the returns are guaranteed. Unfortunately, it all fell apart. So this is a cautionary tale, that if you want to use arbs you need to be more covert and selective. If you are constantly trying to make a profit from this scheme, it can backfire.

Live Bets

Sometimes we want to make risky bets because the odds are so appealing. This is understandable, and it’s not too uncommon to win on these wagers. However, you might be able to squeeze out better odds if you are patient.  If the underdog starts losing the odds can go way up allowing you to get a bigger reward for the option you would have picked anyway. Additionally, if they start to lose early on, you might want to wait on that bet and save your money. After all, you could avoid a guaranteed loss.

Of course, this can easily backfire as well. Your team might start winning and then you get lower odds in this case. However, if you really follow the sport and know which team tends to be more aggressive at the start, you can in a way predict how these live options will play out.