What Are Some Unbreakable MLB Records?

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Baseball may not be the biggest sport in the USA right now, but it has been huge in the past. It gave one of the first American superstars in sports in Babe Ruth and others that followed in his footsteps. It has also been a ripe ground for sports bettors, with many winning fantastic sums of money on MLB matches in the past. These bettors have always been looking for ways to improve in sports betting, and thanks to the numerous statistical categories, baseball was a perfect pick.

Even after 100 years, the MLB has remained one of the top sports leagues in the USA. The crowd has seen incredible records broken in MLB history, some of which are still active today. Below you can see some incredible feats recorded by legends that even today’s players can’t seem to break.

Most Career Hits

The legendary Pete Rose has a total of 4,256 hits behind his name, a record that experts believe will never be broken. The closest player to his incredible record is Alex Rodrigues with 3,070. Considering the fact that A-Rod is retired, Rose’s record will continue to live on for a while. Or maybe forever.

Total Career Walks

Barry Bonds retired from baseball in the same year he hit the most home runs. In his 22 year career, Bonds has been walked 2,558 times. No pitcher wanted to face him – he was a great hitter and extreme HR threat and remains so to this day.

Career Triples

Sam Crawford holds the record for most career triples with 309. No one has come close to that number. Roberto Clemente retired in 1972 with 166 career triples. The only one who may break the record is Carl Crawford who has over 120. However, he’s on the wrong side of his thirties and has yet to hit more than 3 in a single season.

Consecutive Games

Lou Gehrig’s record of 2,130 games was once considered untouchable. However, it was broken by Cal Ripken who added over 500 games to his tally before he retired. If there is an Iron Man in baseball and the MLB, it’s definitely Ripken. It remains to be seen if anyone has the mettle to last that long.

Career Wins

Cy Young has held this record with 511 wins behind his name for decades. He pitched between 45 and 55 each season for 22 years in a row. The closest to ever come to him is Greg Maddux who finished with 355 wins.

Career Saves

The great Mariano Rivera ended his career with 652 saves over 19 seasons. That’s an average of 34 per year. This is one of those records that may truly be unbreakable. At least we’re sure it won’t be broken anytime soon.

Games with Over 15+ Ks

Here’s another major record we’re sure won’t be broken soon. The Big Unit, Randy Johnson, averaged over 220 strikeouts per season. He finished 29 games in his career with 15+ Ks, which is something that we doubt we’ll see again.