What’s the Worth of The 2023 Super Bowl Ring

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Super Bowl LVII will be an event to remember! On Feb 12th, 2023, two NFL teams will grapple for the biggest sporting crown of them all – and there’s a lot at stake. It won’t just be about bragging rights for the winning team. Victors receive money and championship bling, including rings made with real diamonds and precious metals valued at around $50K each.

NFL champions won’t have to wait too long for the spoils of victory. Super Bowl rings typically arrive in time for teams to show off their championship jewelry during training camp. So get ready because, soon enough, some lucky players will be sporting major bling.

How much does the 2023 Super Bowl ring cost?

On Sunday, February 12th, 2023, the nation will witness a defining moment in NFL history when two teams face off to decide who takes home the Super Bowl LVII champion title. But that’s not all; Rihanna is taking center stage for her first performance, so fans won’t want to miss it.

Each year, unique Super Bowl rings are crafted to commemorate the championship-winning team. These dazzling pieces of jewelry often feature special details that symbolize a squad’s identity and culture, such as tributes to their home arena or information about the final score of their victorious game.

This February has seen an especially meaningful ring design for Los Angeles Rams fans: incorporated into each piece was actual material from the ball used in their historic 2022 title victory.

The L.A. Rams became official NFL champions in 2022 and celebrated with a Super Bowl ring that is considered the most extravagant yet! It boasts an impressive 20-carat weight made of white and yellow gold, meaning it may have cost even more than Tampa Bay’s already jaw-dropping championship bling.

Every professional football champion since 1967 has received a unique and awe-inspiring Super Bowl ring to commemorate their victory. These rings have become increasingly extravagant over time, with the 2020 NFL championship design proving far more elaborate than its predecessors. So get ready for bigger bling as we anticipate upcoming iterations of this iconic symbol.

The Super Bowl 2023 ring is estimated to be worth around $75,000. The ring is designed to commemorate the team’s achievement of being named the champion. It features 60-70 diamonds, usually weighing 2.5 carats each, set in a white or yellow gold championship band.

The team will also receive commemorative coins as a part of their victory rewards, with the same design on them. Together, they are often referred to as “The Super Bowl Collection.” The monetary value of these rings and coins may fluctuate over time based on where they’re purchased and which specific pieces are included in them. Ultimately, Super Bowl rings have historically been coveted symbols of success and represent a significant accomplishment for any team that earns one.

An NFL Championship is a hard-earned honor with its special reward – the iconic Super Bowl ring. Taking several months to craft, these rings will herald every winning team’s resolve and commitment when they put it on as training camp begins.

People you might not suspect have a Super Bowl ring

Tom Benson and the New Orleans Saints gave an unforgettable gift to a beloved former player and their community. In 2010, after winning Super Bowl XLIV, they presented Steve Gleason with an official championship ring as he battled advanced ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). The team then demonstrated its commitment by donating one of its own rings in a raffle that raised $1.4 million for local charities aiding people affected by the Gulf oil spill disaster.

In 2016, the Denver Broncos created a history no other Super Bowl had seen. They went all out to honor those off-the-field contributors that significantly impacted their winning season. As a result, not only did players have an official ring of honor, but also everyone – from trainers and cheerleaders to even the local beat reporter – was presented with a newly minted Super Bowl ring.