Where can basketball fans relax during and after the matches?

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The National Basketball League of Canada is only weeks away and fans are already preparing for the action. This is the period when friends and families gather in basketball fields while others are glued to their television sets to cheer their favorite teams. Whether at the stadium or watching at home or at a popular joint, there will definitely be fans who will be loud and some even rowdy as they scream, jump and cheer. As Michelle Thomas, an online gambling expert who reviews casino games and sites points out, fans can really get into the games when their favorite basketball teams are playing. 


They are vocal, they sometimes scream to a point of annoying and freaking out their neighbors. Some are even known to throw stuff out of excitement or anger. If you thought that only players get out of basketball arenas exhausted, you are wrong, fans too do not have it easy. This calls for relaxation after the match. It is a time to rejuvenate after a long match and perhaps get to terms with the outcome of the game. There are several places where people can relax including the Canadian online casino.  Relaxing in such establishment allows indulgent into casino games where a one can play poker, roulettes, blackjack among other games that are offered. It is also an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of incentives that are offered in such platforms including welcome, no deposit or loyalty casino bonus. It is a rare opportunity where casino games enthusiasts can mingle with other basketball fans and gauge their prowess in gambling. In this article, we will explore places where basketball fans can relax as they watch the game or after the game.


Steam Whistle Brewery Biergarten and Taproom

Located in Roundhouse Park, downtown Toronto, the establishment is a perfect place to relax as you watch your favorite teams or games. The establishment has been hosting viewing parties for some time now, so you will be watching with other basketball fans making the duration enjoyable. There is also a beer garden meaning that you can grab a beer as you keep your eyes on the scoreboard.

Assembly Chef’s Hall

The downtown food palace offers more than just food. It is a place where you can catch live the playoffs and at the same time listen to your favorite tracks. The music which is played by top Toronto DJ teams comes as a perfect combination and also keeps the fans engaged between breaks and after the game is over. This is an establishment that the whole family will enjoy as the music caters to all ages. 

Walrus Pub and Pong Bar

Located in Toronto 187 Bay Street, Walrus Pub and Pong Bar is only two minutes away from the Hockey Hall of Fame. People who like rowdy will love it here. The establishment prides itself on the full size of bear pong tables as well as plenty of sitting area. For those who would like to listen to music as they watch the matches, the sports bar has a playlist that reviews describe as great or “to die for”.

Northern Maverick Brewing Co.

At Northern Maverick Brewing Co, you will feel as if you are in the stadium but when the waiter serves you a cold beer, that’s when it hits you in a restaurant. The 400-plus seat eatery offers a perfect location to watch your favorite games with friends and at the same time get house brews and delicious food. The music plays in the background at a volume that is loud enough to enjoy the hits but cool in a way that you can hold audible talks in between the game.

Kings Taps King Street

Located at 100 King St W Toronto is an expansive bar that offers its patrons beer, staples, sports, and outdoor seating where fans can chill after the games. The establishment has been screening every game of the season with basketball fans flocking to the sports bar area to catch the matches. 

Cactus club café 

This is an excellent location for basketball fans to watch a game. There are screens all over the place. Whether outside or inside, patrons are well taken care of. For those who prefer to sit outside, Sherway Gardens is just within reach.

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Watching your favorite basketball teams play in the company of your friends or family while at a relaxing establishment is one of the best experiences. It gives the basketball fans a chance to relax and also come to terms with the outcome of the match.