Who is the Greatest NFL Player that the World Has Ever Seen?

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There are a lot of excellent players in the NFL, but there is one guy that stands out the most from the rest of the players in the sport. It’s hard to argue with this statement since there are so many options for different excellent players out there on the field, but in this article, we have mentioned one player that I think shines out from the rest and maybe you will agree with me.


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The greatest NFL player of all time is…


Tom Brady (Patriots, Year 2,000 – Current)


Tom Brady is a good example of how important soft skills are in the NFL when it comes to quarterbacking, let’s take a look at what Brady has accomplished so far: Five Super Bowl titles, four MVP trophies, two NFL MVPs, and a dozen Pro Bowl appearances.


Throughout Tom Brady’s career, he has accumulated a lot of history and therefore facts about himself, people study him like he’s a legend, did you know? Tom Brady has more Super Bowl appearances than any other player in the history of NFL, that just shows how good of a player he is. You will be able to find more interesting facts about Tom Brady here.


The Patriots have a tally of impressive accomplishments thanks to Tom Brady, but did you know? he was side-lined for the entire 2008 season due to a knee injury, Brady had still participated in all 16 seasons of the National Football League (not including 2017). Brady has played in seven Super Bowls over the course of his 16-year NFL career.


This means that he has appeared in the Super Bowl in almost half of his NFL seasons. He’s a champion, no matter what your opinion of him may be. To far in his professional football career, Tom Brady has won the AFC East 14 times, which is a league record, and he has a 214-63 win-loss record. When you consider that he was undrafted in the first round of the 2000 NFL Draft and ended up playing in the league for the first time, it’s rather remarkable.