Why Should You Experience Wimbledon In Your Lifetime

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Whether you are a tennis lover or know someone who worships the sport, you will probably understand the lure of the Wimbledon experience. Nothing gets bigger than the biggest grand slam of the year, and being there is the best thing for anyone who even likes the game a bit. The event is more than the game itself, rather it is a celebration worth reveling in. Think beyond watching it on television because being present where the action takes place is far more exciting. It is an opportunity to see the greatest players from up close. You may even spot royalty and celebrities in the stands of Centre Court. There are more incredible reasons to experience Wimbledon at least once in your lifetime. Let us list the most inspiring reasons for you.

Get a slice of tennis history

Wimbledon is one of the most prominent parts of tennis history, and attending it means you can get a slice of it. The Grand Slam is the oldest tennis tournament and the only one played on grass. It has witnessed several iconic moments over the years, from the historic Arthur Ashe win in 1975 to the thrilling Borg-McEnroe Tiebreaker in 1980, the Nadal-Federer Classic in 2008, and more. Players only get better and elevate the level of the game every year. Being on the court means you may see the next milestone moment, and nothing matches the thrill of a physical presence!

See the hottest players in action

Besides witnessing the historic moments in the making, you can see the hottest tennis stars in action at the grandest tennis event. You can see the pros up close and check out newbies who may become the biggest stars in the future. Watch their moves to ramp up your skills and technique if you are a regular on the court. You may even have a couple of new favorites by the time the tournament ends. The thought of seeing your favorites is exciting enough. You may fall in love with the game even if you are here only to accompany a tennis-loving friend.

Experience the Centre Court vibe

The vibe of the world-famous Centre Court at Wimbledon is not worth missing, so you must keep it on your bucket list. Getting tickets to this part of the tournament is most challenging, but you can rely on debenture sellers for them. You may want to know the cost of these tickets. Well, they cost significantly more, but the centre court vibe makes them worthwhile. Moreover, you may see the Royal Family and several celebrities here. Debenture tickets also get you endless privileges such as access to premium lounges, cafes, and restaurants. You can even Sell Wimbledon Championship Tickets at a premium if you cannot be there to watch the matches. So make the best of them to get value for your money.

Be a part of Wimbledon traditions

Wimbledon is steeped in tradition, and being there allows you to be a part of it. You can feel the thrill of being a part of the Queue, even if it means camping on the grounds for a ticket. The crowds are super-excited, and you will find a few like-minded people or two to discuss the sport or the event. You may even make friends for life on the grounds. Do not forget to relish the quintessential strawberries and cream when you are here. Fans buy millions of strawberries and loads of cream every year. Another tradition you shouldn’t skip is Pimm’s No. One, the favorite drink of the tournament. Research the traditions before attending the event so that you do not miss out on anything. Remember to carry home some souvenirs as a memory of the event.

Follow it up with another exciting event

Sports enthusiasts have a lot more to enjoy when attending the tournament. Stay back after the event to attend the famous Open Golf Tournament that runs right after Wimbledon. The best part is that you can book a round of golf rather than only watch the players hitting the ball. You need not spend extra money on air tickets to witness both events. Plan a trip to London with enough days to attend both for the most exciting holiday of your life. When you are here, enjoy the best weather with the incredible London summer in full swing. There isn’t a better time to visit the city than the summer months.

Take a London tour

If you aren’t a local, you have one more reason to attend Wimbledon as a spectator. You can take the city tour of London when not seeing the matches. Plan a couple of days extra before or after the tournament to explore the most incredible places and the hidden gems in one of the most popular tourist destinations. Check the schedules of the matches you want to see and plan an itinerary for your free days. Visit the best the city has for tourists, from Buckingham Palace to London Bring, the Tower of London, and more. The city offers a perfect mix of an alluring history, great art, and lots of entertainment, so make the most of it. Do not forget to relish the authentic British food when you are here.

Do your bit for the community

Another good reason to attend Wimbledon in your lifetime is the opportunity to do your bit for the community. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club receive the sale proceeds from the tournament ticket fund. These funds help with the maintenance of the grass on the courts and upkeep of the grounds to keep the venue ready for the next year’s event. Additionally, a part of the money goes as charity toward community initiatives through the Wimbledon Foundation to boost tennis and non-tennis activities in the area.

A vacation in London can be double the fun if you time it to the Wimbledon dates. You can enjoy the experience solo, with friends, or with family, just the way you want. So make sure you check it out at least once in your lifetime because it is not worth missing!