Winning Strategies When Betting on College Football

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When people think about betting on football, their attention immediately turns to the NFL. The NFL has fewer teams, consistent player rosters, and fewer changes in how teams play. Because of this, there is a lot of data to analyze, which improves the odds of placing a winning bet. But the NFL is much harder to bet on because anything can happen at any time.

College football, on the other hand, provides bettors who know what they are looking for opportunities to make a lot of money. Additionally, it is much easier to find games and bets that fit neatly into the conditions that bettors set. So, what strategies can you use to maximize your winnings on college football?

Betting on Overs When it Is Hot

Although most bettors know they need to check the weather before placing a bet, they often overlook the importance of temperature on game outcomes. In many cases, defenders slow down as the game progresses and temperature only makes things harder. This is why games played in temperatures of 80 and over are high scoring and dominated by high-scoring offenses.

Although sportsbooks will take this into account, you can still dig around to find some hidden gems.

Betting on the Underdog

Bettors have their biases, with one of the most prevalent ones being towards the favorite. It is common to see about 70% of all bets placed on a game placed for the favorite.

Another common bias is towards the home team. The home team is always overvalued by bettors and even though it can be profitable, the home advantage is not as big a factor in college football as many people make it out to be.

Betting on the underdog is all about weighing different circumstances and taking advantage of them. For example, if you have a favorite visiting an underdog, people’s bias will push them to place bets on the stronger team that might be the favorite. They do not take into account the effect of being on the road that, combined with the home advantage of the underdog, makes the underdog the favorite and these people end up losing.

Bet on Unknown Games

The colleges with the best record against the spread are actually those that a lot of people don’t pay attention to. This is because most sportsbooks don’t focus too much on them and this leaves opportunities for bettors to take advantage.

The same can be said for many of the smaller teams in the NCAA. If you focus on a smaller number of games and always source for the best College Football Odds at Odds Shark, it is possible to find some games you can take advantage of.

Find a Home Team with an Off Week

A team that has taken a week off is often better prepared because the coach takes the time to scheme. Additionally, the players are well-rested. In these circumstances, it is profitable to designate the home team as the favorite because these teams often score higher than other favorites.

College football is a tradition celebrated all over the United States as it gives viewers the chance to root for their colleges. For bettors, it can be the perfect opportunity to find hidden games, and, by using some winning strategies, win a lot of money.